Welcome Lithuania!

Day 3,448, 03:04 Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

Hey guys, Goraaz here, delivering some shocking news. After winning so many battles, we decided to dissolve the alliance. You know because it seems like dissolving is the new trend.

Nah, just joking. I’m actually here to deliver some good news for our own side. There has been a change in the members of Asteria and our partner, Orion. About a week ago, Lithuania, formally asked to join Asteria as a full member. It was then that the counsel of Asteria got together in the highest of mountains, and started the discussion about this request. After our lawyers confirmed that there’s nothing illegal about stealing a member from one of our best partner, it was decided to accept the request.

They already sent the law to leave Orion, and after swearing to the river of Styx that they will stay loyal and keep away from Taki ,Vampira and my BHs , the process of their full membership will be completed.

Now there’s no need to talk about the braveness and all the good deeds Lithuania has done for our side in the past year. We all know how they kicked bunch of booties in South America and how loyal they are toward their friends. With our fullest support and love ,we welcome Lithuania to Asteria

We would also like to congratulate Asterian countries and our allies for their victories during the past couple of month.

Thanks go to KaiserNs for the work on the logo and banners.


Asteria HQ