Answering your questions

Day 174, 00:15 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

As we have stated in a comment in the last article of Erepublik Insider, today we will answer some of your questions about the next version. Please do not be upset if some answers are not as complete as you would want them. We want to keep some surprises for the next version.

Benn Dover - Will countries continue to grow as they have been so far? Are other countries, like Australia, going to be reset?
No countries will be deleted from the database. Once we will launch the next version, Citizens will be able to start resistance wars and countries like Australia will have the chance to reappear on the Erepublik map.

Benn Dover - Have you thought of employing (in real life) people to help you guys out?
The first step was already taken when Cristesco became our Community Manager. With a project that evolves so fast, our team must keep the same pace and new people will be hired. Being a Citizen of Erepublik is considered to be a big plus for future employees.

jmatic - Are you guys going to implement a Judicial system?
We will create a system that will diminish the corruption cases made by the Presidents. Also we will provide better tools for the Presidents and Congressmen.

ImaNewbie - I mean will we start over and will it be different from the new world?
As we have stated before, the New World will continue its course and Citizens and company accounts will not be deleted.

Pearlswine - Will you be reviewing the rules dealing with SO's?
We will create another entity besides the existing ones (Citizens, companies, etc) that will replace the existing Simulated Organizations.

Pearlswine - Do you have any plans to change the way gold is gained from invites, eg adding additional requirements before the gold is gained?
Citizens will receive Gold from their invitations after the invited people will reach a certain level of experience.

Justinious McWalburgson III - Are any major changes coming to the work and market aspect of the game?
The working system will be improved as we want to add more fun to the work, train and fight pages. Also we plan to have more diverse products on the marketplace.

Anduu - Will there be the possibility to donate something else besides gifts, money and gold?
Yes, Citizens, companies, simulated organizations and countries will be able to donate products, materials or currencies.

Anduu - Will there be the possibility to make economic agreements (for taxes reduction) between a country and a company?
We will consider this issue, sounds interesting.

Autokrator - Will new countries be added with V1? If not, when?
New countries will be added also before launching V1. IT will not be possible to attack a new country before a certain period of time has passed since it has entered the Erepublik World.

Thank you for your questions, and all additional feedback and questions are welcome.

The Erepublik Team