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It's been a while. Finally got myself a hold of the details for this org again!
So without further ado let me introduce you to my team for this month!

First of all, let me introduce you to myself.
In case there is any confusion, once again your humble Minister for Foreign Affairs is Aaron Mark Daniels, re taking up the mantle and keeping the seat warm!

Here is a photo of me from my younger days.

My very remarkably keen deputy for this month is the wonderful Ash Brandon who has already taken up the role of interviewing various allied leaders and other global politicians this very publication, expect the first edition of these to come out very soon. He may be TUP, but he's a good lad.


Now, something big happened last month. Whilst the real United Kingdom's House of Commons voted to leave the European Union, a reverse Brexit has been taking place in the eUK. We are now a member of ORION, which in a shocking move for some of those who remember the good old days of being perpetually wiped by France and the Netherlands. We have now shored up our friendships on our coasts, well the East at the very least. (And Canada)
This is for a variety of reasons all compiling together over the last couple of months, the biggest influence being the state of perpetual war we have been in with our friends adversary's in Pacifica and the West.
Cue invasion by Sweden, Russia, USA, USA, Ireland, USA... The list continues. Our allegances have shifted, we are still friends with many older friends that I have worked with in my time, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, but as all the older fags who remember the NSPP in which we were involved with the Netherlands will know, alliances shift. This is our state of affairs, and after helping France with their Argentinian Occupation and receiving huge help from ORION this last month, it is the right move for us at this time.

You are also looking at the recently elected Supreme Commander of the Alliance. Do with that information what you will 😉


And now a very brief introduction to each country.

Love a good Dutch Oven I do.

These guys were secretly my favourite last month, but don't tell Azaraliii

Maple Syrup anyone?

Bloody French

Lift the embargo!

United Kingdom
Nandos anyone?

Thank you for reading through this, and I can guarantee this won't be the only article this month. Hope you have enjoyed this brief little article, keep in touch with you all soon. Ta ta xx

AMD and Ash Brandon
MoFA and dMoFA of the eUnited Kingdom