The Good of the snow

Day 3,359, 08:22 Published in France France by AlI Might

*I created and wrote this story all by myself, it almost made me drop a tear, I hope you will like it.*

Far in the north, where the snow rules and the blue sky envelops the world. A Foxy lives into some kind of a village of Polar Foxes. This place is surrounded by plains of snow, it is mostly made of rocks that creates dens for the Foxes. We can see a few leafless branches trying to breath out of the snow. Sun reflects on the ice on the rocks and the place is quiet. The Foxes all live as a community and all have a role of productivity, we can count several families.

The Foxy, called Lisa, is young, she likes independance and knows what she wants. She always stands with her head up and likes to lay down in the snow and dream when she can. She likes walks and to meet with the other Foxes to play and roll in the snow. She's getting into a period of the life when we find out how complex this is to find a balance in everything we have around us. Where decisions impact everything and, even the littlest detail could change our future forever. We get to gain experience here and there, from stories we live, sometimes with regrets, sometimes not.

The months passed and the oldest Fox of the village was noticing she was always leaving the place at the same time of the days and sometimes only coming back in the morning the day after. This old Fox, with his wisdom, knowledges and experiences, was very respected among all the Foxes as he could help finding solutions to problems or getting a Fox lost in the cold of life back on his way. He loves and care for every of the Foxes living here and trying to pay attention to details that could show anything good or bad in a Fox's behavior.

One morning, the old Fox woke up, early as usual, and he walked around the rocks throwing looks at the family of Foxes sleeping peaceful into their respective dens. Approaching the den of Lisa's family, he saw her sleeping there, later he kept an eye on how she was acting and behaving. She did not leave the village, she showed signs of sadness. The old Fox felt something happened but prefered to give it a little time as we all know we can have bad days sometimes although we don't even know why. Days went on and the signs remained. He decided to call her to come into his own den to talk.

Confused and ignoring the reason, she headed to the old Fox's den, entered, she threw a look around, it was simple here, nothing uncomon, just branches, a few foods and some weirdly shaped rocks that the old Fox probably found interesting and brought here. The old Fox sat and told her to sit as well. He looked at her eyes and sai😛
- I feel your sadness for days, you can hide this to the young beings among us but not to me.
He rolled a little snack to her with his snout and kept on going:
- I care about you and how life goes for you. My priority is to make sure that we all stay on the right way for a better daily life. I won't force you but I would like to share my experience with you for whatever brought you this sadness I can see in your eyes.
Lisa, looked at the ground, feeling a little tear slipping on her snout, slowly about to to fall off. With a little voice she answre😛
- I met a Fox months ago.. I fell for him but, somehow we couldn't be close although he was next to me. He did brought me a lot of good feelings but sometimes he does mistakes or things I don't like, and I kept on telling him how bad this makes me feel and how it is not ok.. I feel he sometimes doesn't listen to me although he keeps on saying he does his best and that I am a reason why he wants to grow to be a better Fox... But I had to, I had to leave because I don't believe him.

Peacefully, the old Fox listens to every words she lets out, then asked her:
- And this Fox, what did he tell to you when you do mistakes?
Wiping a few tears off of her face, Lisa took a moment before replying:
- He very rarely tells me I do any, he just let me know often how he feels about me and us. How important I am to him and how further he would like to go. How much he fights himself o suit what I want and always stay positive although I think it was not working anymore.

The old Fox stood up, walked out of the den doing a sign with his head letting Lisa know she has to follow him. They walked a while, getting to a place with only snow and the sun far away. A few birds were flying, talking to each others their own way. They sat here. Looking at the sun, he asked her:
- What do you see?
She threw a look at him and replie😛
- But.. ... I see snow, the sun, the blue sky, birds..
- I know you like snow, he said, don't you ?
- Yes, I like to play in it with my friends and lay down on it and look at the skyline... But why do you ask.., she told with confusion.
- Now, what would happen, if today you start telling yourself how bad the snow is because it's cold, wet, because it prevents vegetables to grow or plants, how bad it feels sometimes to fall into a hole because the snow was just hiding one ?
Tapping the snow with her paws, softly, she thought for a moment and answere😛
- I .. would hate it..
The old Fox, nodde😛
- Do you see, if you surround yourself with negativity, you'll never appreciate the goods. Unless there is no balance between the good and the bad, you should always think about what good something brings to you before focusing on the bad, because the good is way more powerful than the bad. The good is what makes you happy, the good will be warm and guide you on a right way. The good, always comes from the heart. You fell for this Fox because he has more good, brought more good to you than any other before. And, listen to all the good he tells to you. This Fox wants to bring warmth and happiness to you. But noone will ever be perfect. As long as, he will do efforts with his heart to improve and make your life happier, you should remind yourself that it is easy to hate or dislike and it is difficult to love. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. If the Fox did good things, that means he puts way more time, efforts, and heart to make you happy and be a better Fox than doing mistakes or little details that you may not like.

She remained silent, looking at the skyline, the old Fox stood up and started to slowly go, she said with a firm voice: I love the snow.