[MOFA] Non Aggression Pact between Iran - Peru - Romania - Turkey

Day 3,342, 10:30 Published in Romania Romania by Ministry of Foreign Affairs RO


Non Aggression Pact between Iran - Peru - Romania - Turkey

On Day 3342 Iran, Peru, Romania and Turkey, agreed on the following:

1. No direct wars between Iran, Peru, Romania and Turkey.(that includes core and colonies regions)

2. The agreement is valid for a period of 3 months.

3. Romania will release all the Turkish core regions after this NAP is signed.

4. In the case of a rental agreement with Armenia, Turkey cannot take any region besides Central Armenia.

Dictator of Iran: Lord.jax
Dictator of Peru: EL GARCI
CP of Romania: DdyOlteanul Dictator of Turkey: ultrAsIan

Best regards,
The Government of Romania


NAP Iran, Peru, Romania, Turcia

In ziua 3342 Iran, Peru, Romania si Turcia s-au inteles pentru urmatoarele:

1. Nici un razboi direct intre Iran, Peru, Romania si Turcia ( aici sunt incluse teritoriile originare dar si coloniile)

2. Acordul are o valabilitate de 3 luni.

3. Romania va ceda regiunile originare Turciei odata cu semnarea NAP-ului.

4. In cazul unui acord de inchiriere cu Armenia, Turcia nu poate lua alte regiuni in afara de Central Armenia.

Dictatorul Iranului: Lord.jax
Dictatorul Perului: EL GARCI
Presedintele Romaniei: DdyOlteanul
Dictatorul Turciei: ultrAsIan

Cu stima,
Guvernul Romaniei