Day 3,320, 10:03 Published in Croatia Croatia by Z N Gorki

Im going to make strong sugestion to admin for making a hugh change in game.

Every player should pay (lets say 1 euro) for month to play EREPUBLIK with 1 account. Every other account that the player would like to run also cost 1 euro (or more).

But ADMIN should remove limit of 1 account for 1 player!

So if you want to play with 200 acc you re free to do it.

Also , if player wont to run 200 acc at the same time, he should be free to make that accounts on his referal link, so he have some kind of compensation for effort.

(not sure just about last thing)

For example Bruce family would have to pay like 20-30 euros all togeder. 🙂

Thank you for your support.