D4 Epic Battle creation-1st phase ended [05-Nov-16]

Day 3,273, 09:12 Published in Romania Romania by valistelian

Hello citizens of eRepublik, and yes this is my first article 🙂. I expected this moment since I began the game, but didn’t find the proper subject and I waited and waited and waited until I had something to say. I announce you from the beginning that this is not an interesting article, but I was getting old and I started to forget things so I concluded that the time to do something for this community has come.

Now that I finished my introduction, I will explain the purpose of this article. With no trail of hard feeling, I hated and still hate Plato’s way of making money. After my opinion, in its endless marathon after making money, it destroys the fun and solidarity between people.

I consider that also D4 people deserve an epic battle on every Tuesday; so i collected some data, I made some calculation and found that there is a chance of making D4 EPIC battle with some resources expenses, but with a lot of fun for the people and also a boost for economy which is a big fail until now. The main idea of my plan gravitates around people and governs collaboration in order to make an EPIC battle. So i divided the plan (If interested I can provide full details of it) in phases and the 1st one was this survey which provided very interesting information and was obtained not very easy.

Basically I made a list of military unit by country and sent private message to the commanders and 2nd commanders. In the first day I have sent messages to all MU from Romania, Russia and Serbia with the request of broadcasting the form on MU’s feed. It took me about an hour and a half (the first 80 MU from Serbia received PMS) and the feedback was not as expected. The 2nd day I tailored the original message, made it shorter and more interesting and sent again to all Romanian MU (was an ordinary soldier, not commander nor 2nd commander). The result was improving, but still weak, so I had to find another way (each minister of defense/MoFa received my message) which was the last way of spreading my survey.

So these are the results:

I made my own conclusions, and most probably the projects will die in this phase due to low interest that was manifested from people that rule countries or MU. Special thanks to finns and Republic of Moldova people; even are small countries, they were very opened minded and offered quick and quality feedback with only one PM send to people on their government.

Some funny answers

I apologize for my bad English, but my version of google translate is outdated! 😁
I also apologize for the countries that didn't put in the form, to choose citizenship 😃