[DoCA] What are Air Battles?

Day 3,220, 01:36 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

What exactly are air battles?
That's a question that i even i didn't even know the answer to when i came back.
It might seem a bit daunting to figure out but it's really quite simple to figure out but in order to understand the new air module you have to understand the basic battle module itself, so i'll gloss over a few of the basics first.
The game has changed significantly in the past years I've been gone and it seems that using gold on training for strength is useless now if you're new. Save your gold to buy the perception training grounds whenever they come out.
There is almost now way you can catch up with the 150k strength monsters that rule the battlefield now and air battles are the only way you can matter as a new player or a player with low strength.

However land battles can't be ignored and if you decide to go on with strength training and fighting land battles there's a few old techniques that still exist and are simple to learn.
Join a military unit: this should actually be the first thing you do when you join the game. Find an active MU and let them know you're involved. Join their commune and get their supplies that they offer. Usually that alone is enough to be able to be effective and increase your rank and strength.
The 5 MUs that i can recommend are Easy company (EZC), the United States Armed Forces (USAF), War Inc, Bear Cavalry, and VMA-214 The Black Sheep. Those five are all active and have the ability to supply new players with the equipment they need. The first three I've named are non party affiliated and all have the ability to supply you.

Now on to the main subject, the air battles.
Right now air battles is a way to matter again for those who felt left behind in the wake of the titans of the current land battlefield.
Even then some of you might be wondering how exactly the module works and how exactly you fight in these air battles.
I'll start with the new things first. Air battles are easy to spot in the battles tab, instead of the rifles crossed together the air battles are marked with wings shown here.

The battle between Brazil and Peru would be the air battle while the the battle between Sweden and Norway would be a land battle.

Those of you who are new might be wondering what the difference is between land and air battles while you're inside the module itself and to be honest not much is different as you can see you still click the same fight button in the same place.

Besides the aircraft graphics instead of tanks not much is different.
In fact the biggest difference is that there are only q1 aircraft weapons and while i said you should always fight with weapons, that doesn't necessarily apply here.
Q1 aircraft weapons are not worth buying to use them at the moment, they can only be used once and they don't give you any real noticeable difference in damage but if you have the money to stockpile a good amount of them they definitely help for sky hero's but at a price of around 30cc each they don't help enough to justify buying for regular food fights.

In the end not much is new compared to before, you still click the same button and fight in the same battles but the most import thing you can learn from these new battles is that this is a fresh start for players in a game that desperately needs it. Aircraft battles are the only thing new and low strength players should be focusing on.

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