The USWP a beacon of EVIL! + Juicy Info on Chickensguy

Day 3,216, 12:59 Published in USA USA by Goddess Dilvany

I just want to say that being part of the USWP makes you a bad person. You can pretend that you are doing the right thing, but we both know that it is just what helps you sleep at night.

Today I want to reflect on a discussion I had with a post modernist and antinatalist. Their is this myth that evolutionary explainations are not powerful enough to have true explanatory value. They would insist that the worst thing was for us to experience pain. I would try to give evolutionary reasons why we experience pain and how we are better for it.

Example conversation

You can't experience all pain or all pleasure it would not create a viable species.

Yeah but pleasure is better?

No we are actually best when we reach a healthy mix of the two it is just evolutionary true.

Aren't you putting too much faith in evolution? I thought you were a rationalist.

We are the products of evolution, relativists like you don't value the actual baring the evolution does have on reality.

This is how the conversations usually go

I am convinced that most people want to believe what ever justifies their actions. In many ways atheists are not Christians because they want to sin. But that does not mean that the Christians have any good reasons not to sin. But what most philosophical positions seem to share with religion is prescriptivist leanings. We are told that we must do this or do that because of some supreme reason instead of trying understand the world through methodological naturalism.

So I was talking with my bae Ajay Bruno and he told me that chickensguy was still on his side and that he really wants to just sneak into America to begin the second coming of Ajay Bruno. So I hope that we can get him past immigration and into congress so the second coming of Ajay Bruno can commence.