Day 3,177, 07:34 Published in USA Pakistan by Dio Eraclea

So apparently Sunday Night there was an eNPR thing and I wasn't invited. Furthermore, most Parties failed to add me to their Party Primary lists even though I messaged their feeds and did a little forum threading. I think 6 days til election is time enough for a Candidate to announce. I still have open positions in my Cabinet left unfilled and have received zero messages from the public regarding these vacancies.

I guess its just a sign of the times. A Country, that prides itself as a Real-Life-Fgts Paradise and fights for Freedom and the Amerikkkan way... can't even run a fair Election. I might be silenced in the eyes of the Elites and their forum gaems, but from the votes I received on my announcement article... I have gathered Strength.

Strength is Power. We have an opportunity this Election to upturn the apple cart. For instance, why in the blue blazes is South Korea an enemy? I support freeing their regions and helping them conqueror the North permanently. Because let's face it, the entire population of Best Korea are in fact fake-Korea.

I think questions like this are not asked often because as a Gaming Community, the eUS has been a divisive one. Parties feud among themselves instead of building coalitions. I think its about time we get our head in the game and have some fun. Because as it stands now we're Asteria's Bitch!

Another reason why questions are not asked is because this Country, of late, has been recycling the same Candidates and Cabinet members for a year, more or less. We're stuck with the same failing Foreign Policy and Congress I heard has Woxan rolling in his grave when they declared Dioism a non-state eReligion.

Did I mention we allied the Swede? I've even seen Defense Orders saying to fight for the Spaniards...

(Global Wars Finance the Pigs)

So will you join me in the arms of Brotherhood? Send me a Ministerial Position you need.

Truly yours,