It is hard to create a good article. Or not?

Day 3,125, 13:01 Published in Hungary Hungary by kisborok

Dear eRepublik Citizens!

It is possible to earn money by writing articles, beacuse readers can endorse articles.
This is great, but sometimes it is difficult to create an article what players like.
What are the articles what players like?
I could mention the analyzis of True Patriot medals or the Combat Orders. These are the most common source of the money. If you play with numbers, you do not forget to show them with diagrams. If you show a table, it can be helpful if the background of the numbers can show their value. Like green means high or good values and red means low or bad values.
Lots of votes and endorses can get the article what is the first about something new feaute of the game, or new missions.
Maybe do you know the player, named Swoosh. His articles about new missions got hundreds of votes and lots of endorses.
See this:
2899 day Headless Horror rewards [15 of 15]
This article got 7000 CC.
He is always quick and some readers know his name, to get the information about new mission. 😉

If you put some pictures in your article, you can get more votes. The reader can not only black letters with white background than some other colours too. The pictures can summarize the meaning of the long text.
There are some format features of the editor of the article. Not so many but there are some players how can use it very well. Like Schelling:
This is the last article:
70. cikk: Az aktuális katonai szövetségekről
There are pictures, there are bold, italic letters. The first row of the paragraphs begins some space.
There are text that are align to center or to right.
I like these articles what they look like. 🙂
Do you also? 🙂
If you want to format your articles do not forget the erepublik wiki page:

Do not forget, that you can write articles in a game, names eRepublik. So you should write about the game, about something that happened in the game. You can also write about theme what is not about the game but it should be your own story, not a copy paste or something.
And think about: you should be good in this game because you are good in something in that game, and not beacuse you can write something that is about something else.

The trick that is always generate votes and endorse is the pictures about women/girls. The most of the players like girls and if you put pictures about girls. So this can generate more votes and endorse, but do not forget, that anybody could do that. You can show nothing new.
If you want that players know that you are good in something in that game, be careful with these pictures.

Yes and other thing that articles writes should know and do not forget it:
You are for the readers. If you finish the article, always check all the links and pictures. Are the links working? Are the pictures visible?
The pictures should be in the articles visible and do not use picture links instead. You could lost votes and maybe readers if the pictures are only visible after two click. The pictures contain lots of information, do not hide them!

I did not put any picture in this article. Maybe this is a bad example for a good article but this is mainly about reading.
Sorry for my english. But I hope you like this article, and maybe Plato also. 😉

Thanks for the reading!