[EA] In Support of our Government

Day 3,094, 17:43 Published in Ireland Ireland by King Trito Fisher

Eire Aonair is undergoing a renewal of the greatest proportions! We have reelected a CP from EA, we have 30% of our nation's congress seats, and we are the Number One Party in eIreland with 31 members currently! We've grown as a party, and we've attracted newer citizens to our party as well, new citizens whom we hope we will mentor and make into great eRepublik players: self-sufficient and vocal.

However, this article is not about EA's growth, it's about our Party's stance on certain issues. I have talked with party members in our Party Parliament, and we all agree that the current system of government is the most EFFICIENT and DEMOCRATIC system that could be devised for an eRepublik government within game mechanics. Additionally, the current system of government will ensure Ireland's sovereignty and promote Ireland's strength by maintaining a strong national MU: the Irish Army.

Our Party believes that every citizen of eIreland should consider joining the Irish Army because that will make Ireland monolithic, able to function as one, which is key in many instances, like the current Resource War tournament.

One Last Thing:
To new players, or returning players, or to all players in eIreland:

I encourage you all to read about EA, and to consider joining EA, our mission is simple:
"Eire Aonair’s purpose is to serve Ireland by creating a united and diverse community. It aims at ensuring a sovereign democratic country based on the national devotion of citizens, loyal in their operations first and foremost to Ireland."

Want in? Just click join!
Thank you,
--EA Party President, Trito Fisher