[CP] Civil War Looming

Day 3,071, 05:17 Published in Ireland Croatia by Dante Boss

Citizens of Ireland and the world,

On the 5th of April eIreland elected a new Government, my government, one that wished to change to eIreland from her ways of inactivity, inefficiency and the lingering gloomy atmosphere.

However the Dictator at the time refused to oblige with our requests, with what we were elected to do. She was elected to her role to push buttons on behalf of the Government and and the role was only implemented as a deterrent to foreign MTO. Alongside refusing to meet with my requests, Nogin the Nog also withdrew all of Ireland's assets to her own account - effectively leaving the nation broke.

We were then forced into launching a revolution to remove her and thus allow the State to fully function.

The revolution was successful and since then we've done great things for Ireland, our nations is stronger, more united and active.

There is a war coming. An Us Vs. Them. Us being the elected Government alongside the majority of Irish citizens and them being the old administration whom we removed from power.

The past few days we have found out that they are recruiting fighters, sourcing damage from proAsteria nations. The following screenshots sent to me show that their overall support comes from abroad and not from the Irish people or her allies. For those that do not know, Rylde on a few occasions has made it his goal to wipe and occupy Ireland - he is a true enemy of this State.

It is not just Nogin who is guilty. Previous President Winston Home Smith's Military Unit had three mercenary fighters amongst its ranks this week. We PM'd these fighters making enquiries as to why they were there but we were ignored and/or abused. These fighters have since left LPA but will they be returning for the Coup?

Our national security is at a major risk of being compromised. Our opposition has no right to bring Pro-Asterian nations/fighters and mercenaries into our nations future.

As President of Ireland, I ask all players of eIreland and eRepublik to support Ireland's will and not allow our nation fall to the corrupt.

Ireland is Ireland's. Nobody else's.