[Pacifica] Welcome Greece!

Day 3,059, 13:32 Published in USA USA by Pacifica HQ

Today, Pacifica has welcomed its newest member to our alliance, Greece, with the consent of a plurality of our member states. Greece has been a stellar ally and shares great relationships with many of our members, often pouring billions of damage in the battle fields for us. Less than two months ago, Greece risked its cores for USA by attacking FYROM and Bulgaria when the US was gangbanged by those countries, and the Greeks successfully managed to wipe both of those countries, a move that won the hearts and minds of many Pacificans.

Greece has been without an alliance since its exit from Asteria after a controversial entry to that alliance, and we hope for a fruitful long-term alliance with our friends. I am also happy to announce that Shootme2000 shall be joining as dep Sec General of the alliance.

Hail Pacifica!
Hail Greece!