[Pacifica] Sweden joins the alliance!

Day 3,027, 15:33 Published in USA USA by Pacifica HQ
After a phase of negotiations within Sweden, Pacifica member nations and the Orion alliance, Sweden is shortly to become the seventh member in our star alliance. This addition strengthens the Pacifican grip in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea in particular.

Prior to joining Pacifica, Sweden was a member nation of the Orion alliance. Pacifican nations in the proximity of Sweden have generally held good relations with them: Finland was earlier a member of the Asgard alliance with Sweden for years and has maintained a MPP ever since, while the Swedes have maintained MPP's with USA, Russia and Taiwan for long.
Currently Sweden is assisting Finland in wiping Norway per the request of Norwegian government in face of a Chilean takeover threat. For more about the situation in question, see our last article

TheJuliusCaesar on behalf of Pacifica HQ