[MT] Let's try a second term !

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Hello everyone !
The end of my term comes so I publish an article like I'm running as country president again in eSwitzerland. To be honest I'm a little disappointed because I couldn't do everything I planned due to the Chile/Slovenia conflict. I hope this conflict will finish soon and have a stable country. Like the begin of my term. Like I'm running again, I want to continue what me and my government done.
Now I would like to see the goals I failed and the goals I achieved. And of course what can I do more for a second term.

My Presidential program and my government

MoFA : Wafrey II
aMoFA : amaro62 & Wrynn Korda

Previous goals :

1- Switzerland keep his neutral diplomacy

During the AS of Chile and the conflict which result of this, we only defend our country against everyone who attack us friends or ennemy. But we never fight for one side more than other. We wanted to keep our agreement with Slovenia but we supported Chile to help Italy. Even if we refuse to be AS in order to liberate Italy, Chile didn't care our answer (but it was good to see they ask us before even if they ignore us). I've done what I thought it was the best for Switzerland. That's why I didn't choose to support officially one side. So of course Italy was mad about it but they don't really care about our own situation and the many times where we fight for them against Slovenia. So if they want to talk, my mailbox is always open for you. In my opinion I have achieved my goal.

2- Create and improve our relationship with others countries like Macedonia, Bulgaria, Chile or Indonesia

During this currently war, our relations with Chile and Italy were strained even if I can't really talk about relation this month with Italy because they never come to talk with us before and after the chilean AS. After to talk with the MoFA of Chile, I can say there are no problem between Switzerland and Chile. Same thing with Slovenia. So currently we wait the end of this conflict and we try to improve our relationship with others countries like Macedonia, India or Bulgaria. For example, I had a meeting with Bulgaria yesterday to talk together 🙂
Even if I think I have achieved my goal too, we could do better.

3- Organize a diplomatic corps

In a recent article from the MoFA newspaper, you saw we officially open the Swiss Diplomatic Corps (SDC). With the help of amaro62 and Wrynn Korda, we still looking for any active swiss players who are interested. So you can send a private message to one of them. Currently there are amaro62, Bradonja, OogieBoogie3, Wafrey and Wrynn Korda. So we can say I have achieved my goal.

New goals :

Of course I would like to continue these goals and try to organize some parternship with our allies and publish articles from our Swiss Diplomatic Corps. We have to fix the problem with Italy and have only 3-4 MPPs because we don't need more except if we want to have more chance for an AS (sign MPP after the AS law to reduce cost).

MoD : Blackbears00
aMoD : Tenryuu Hayashi & SendoM

Previous goals :

1- Organize some raids in the battles with the swiss citizens

During each battle in Switzerland we distributed tanks to each citizen who fight for the Daily Order. But we won't organize a real raid where every swiss citizen fight together. And it's too late to do it now. But, if I won, I would like to organize it with Blackbeard00. So I fail to organize it.

2- Continue the agreement with Slovenia

Since the beginning of my term I always said I wanted to keep our agreement with Slovenia. That's why I refuse to be AS by Chile because I thought they was able to AS Slovenia directly without invade us. And the currently war show I was right. When Italy will have an agreement with Slovenia and the war Slovenia/Chile will finish, we'll write a new agreement with Slovenia and have a peaceful country again. So even if Slovenia loses Romandie I want to say we continue to respect our agreement during this war.

3- Strategic analyzes

When I run as CP the first time, I write I wanted the MoD team publish strategic analyzes and explain the currently wars. And I'm thankful with Tenryuu about what he done in each article he published every 2 days. So I have achieved my goal

4- Continue the Training Grounds Project

In January we launch the Training Grounds Project in order to improve each TGs of every swiss citizen. Currently only one get a loan and now he started to payback (110 G). So if you want to get a loan in order to improve it then send me a message. So we can say I also have achieved my goal.

5- Organize an AS with an agreement

I wanted to organize an AirStrike because we needed to have some fun and war in Switzerland. That's why I signed a MPP with Spain and I wanted to signe with Croatia, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately it was impossible due to the AS from Chile, NE from Hungary and now another AS from Romania. If we want to do it, we have to wait some days/weeks. So I fail to organize an AS.

New goals :

With SendoM and amaro62, we find a new organisation for the Swiss Guard in order to improve our MU and be more active. With a new economic system to improve the Training Grounds (need 10 fighters to lend 10G by month) and a better tank distribution for each fighter. It's time to be organized like a real Military Unit. And if we can, this time, I really want to make a fun AS 🙂

MoF : Hitoyoshi
aMoF : Spanki021

Previous goals :

1- Use all organizations for the spread on the Monetary Market

Like last month, I keep to use our organizations and we earn around 22k cc thanks to the spread. So it was a good month and I hope we'll continue to earn money like it.

2- Buy and Sell some produces

I tried to use this method but we don't earn a lot of money so I decided to stop it and don't try again for the next months. It's a big fail 😛

3- Publish a report each week

Even if I always have my financial dashboard, I didn't publish any report since the begin of the term like I've done one month ago. It's another fail for me but fortunately we have a surplus of 22k cc for this month 🙂

4- Limit the MPPs

At the beginning of the term I wanted to limit MPP so this month I have only 3 MPP : Indonesia, Macedonia and Spain. Like congressmen refused MPP with Chile before they AS us.

New goals :

I'll continue to use spread and publish again one report by week. Tomorrow, I'll publish a report about the financial situation during my term.

MoE : Post Tenebras Lux

Previous goals :

1- Organize events

During this term we organized 2 events (swiss landscape & swiss song/singer). I think we do better so if someone is interested to help Post Tenebras Lux, send me a message and you'll be a member of the MoE team.

2 - Publish tutorials

This month we didn't publish any article about tutorial but you can found all our tutorials on the forum here.

3 - Food distribution
Like we only organized events during this term, we didn't manage the food distribution. But like, when I was MoE, only player use it, I wonder if it's really usefull.

4- Count the swiss active population
I forget about it during my term so it's a fail for me.

New goals :

For the next term we'll organize one event by week and publish a tutorial each week too. We will organize again a food distribution for young players. And we will count the swiss active population with surveys.

Prime minister : Mungos032

Previous goals :

1- Survey about differents topics

For this term we didn't make any survey but we talked on the group message about each decision and some of you asked us questions about our situation. And each time we answered.

2-Congress has to vote for each CS request

Like I said in my article, when someone asks for the swiss citizenship, Congress has to vote before to know if we have to accept him/her. And that's what we done this month. And I hope we'll continue like this.

New goals :

I want to make more article about our situation/decision like referendum or survey. For example : "What's MPPs should we sign ?" or "An AS can be useful ?".

Advisor : Rican

Thank you and don't forget to vote during the election. Each vote is important !

PS : If you are interested for a position, you can still send me a message 🙂

Hitoyoshi, President of Switzerland