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Day 3,003, 08:07 Published in Portugal Portugal by Ministerio da Educacao ePT

 Good day (or night), eWorld!

 We at the ePortuguese Ministry of Education are starting a series of interviews with leading players in our community (and others communities too). And our first interviewed is the player IDEIAS!

Link to the original interview (in Portuguese)

 Now, without further ado, let's go to the interview!

MoE: How did you start playing eRepublik?

IDEIAS: I started playing eRepublik because of a friend I had known for a few years in other online game, we were also friends on Facebook, and he asked for me to come to eRepublik to help with the situation of his medal "Builder of the Society" (which at the time I did not even know what it was) but, because I know that in online games when you get players to come by your referral link, you usually make some kind of bonus, I knew it was something similar, and there I did get here.

MoE: You had some difficulty in the beginning? What kind?

IDEIAS: Honestly, for two months in the start, I only come into play when remembered the situation I mentioned in the previous question, aka after some insistence on his part, I just came to eRepublik in one day when we were in a conversation by Skype. After entering, I was fighting while making the initial missions, and he was earning 10% of gold from the referral link.

 In that first day, in just two hours I reached lvl 23, since I had not even any intention to continue, but in the middle of the conversation with him he said that whenever I was on the net and remembered I should login in the game and unload the accumulated energy, just to earn XP's and with it raise my lvl, because the he was gaining some gold.

 I did so, and I was into this system for about two months and so on, until, in one of the early game missions we are required to get a certain Military Rank and to join a MU, and so I at the time I joined FAP not because it is the state MU (in that time I did not even know that), but because the avatar and the name refered to me to something related to the country and patriotism, and so I choose FAP. Inly, now I can say that in good time I did it, because I've always been very well treated and helped, and when I never felt apart, but a part.

 After entering FAP, I stayed away from the game for a long time, just reading what they said in the MU feed, and with that becoming aware of the various situations of the game and what they said about the game itself, and I was learning a lot about the game mechanisms, until at some point I was "awakened" and so I started to evolve the strength of my account, developing the training fields and training every day, and, after that, I staret do fight and help more seriously where it was requested, so that I felt the desire to improve in order to bettering the help I could give.

MoE: Tell us a bit of your experiences in the game. What were your greatest achievements? Any funny or remarkable situation?

IDEIAS: Well, in this question I don't have anything relevant to talk, because I'm not a person who likes to keep remembering great achievements or to glorify great deeds, I like to play the game on a daily basis, looking at the present and don't caring so much either for the past or for the future. I want to end this question saying that the so-called achievements appear when are not expected, they eventually appear when the moment provides them, and not when I covet them. I don't fix goals or objectives, I will just play. 😉

MoE: For you, which are the most interesting activities in the game?

IDEIAS: Here I think I'm with the majority, ie the military module. No doubt thar this area of the game is the one that causes the biggest emotions, antagonisms and addictions, since it is something that human beings always like, to compare yourself to others, to go beyond himself, and, above all, to win. And in that I'm no exception, so all the other areas of eRepublik are to me just a complement to the military, and not something you can play with the same dedication.

 Besides that, there's also the economic area that already made, according to what I heard, hold a lot of people to the game in the past, and so I also wanted to be part of it, or, better saying, to play and expend some time with her, buying cheap to sell expensive, in order to make some extra CC's to help to pay our expenses, but given the decline that the economic module was experiencing over time, and that there's no way to the admins to try to fix or improve it (perhaps because it doesn't interest them, so players will need to expend more in the game), makes that now it's not even worth to waste time and spend gold to the production, since you can buy products at the market for lower than it would cost us if we produced it, and so it does not even pay the Gold investment in factories, because the return would take years to recover, that in my opinion and in what I'm currently seeing in the game.

MoE: Any tips or encouraging message for beginners?

IDEIAS: I've never been good at giving advice, and it always told me that "if advices were good, they would not be given, but sold", but still, I can try to hand on the usual tips and informations as how most see the game and the best ways to evolve, the ways we didn't followed when we started playing, they warned us but we did not care, but later, we come to regret that we have not payd attention to those who wanted to help us, leaving even to someones to giving up the game given the discouragement they felt when they reached the top Divs with almost no strenght in comparison to the others.

 Above all, you should have patience in the military area, because if on one hand it's the one that most makes us to like the game and so we ended up staying here, on the other hand it leads to who starts the game to need to contain himself, since if you fight too much you will gain too much XP's leading you to a fast rise of lv, and, with that, you go up to the higher divisions, without having time to proper train and develop your account.

 This increase leads that then willn't have great importance in the battlefield, becoming unable to win BH's or to face other players to secure the dominance of your side, among other situations like tournaments or events with the objective of deploying damage, so others with the same energy are able to obtain far greater results, not giving chance to those who have few strength in their account.

 However, if before the division change the best thing was not to fight at all, now, with the rise of the Lvs corresponding to each div, this abstinence can occasionally be broken, in order to break this monotony, and you can do more than the so-called "Work + Training", that leads many to become bored and so they leave the game, since it's requires too much time.

 You can for example to the Daily Order of your MU, and, with it, besides "removing the rust" of your weapons once in a while, you'll get an energy bar and a bazoocka, so later you can have your nest-egg in your warehouse to do a little fun. You don't need to do it every day, maybe once a week or every two weeks, so you will not get so many XP's.

 Along with this, you should always go accumulating ALL GOLD you can, don't spend Gold on anything except the evolution of training fields, to ensure that you gain more strength in every daily training, and so you can have a greater evolution in less time.

 Save the Gold you get in every Lv increase and in the medals you got, especially the "Super Soldier" (one to every 250 Strength) and "Hard Worker" (one every 30 days when you work), and if you have CC's, go to the Monetary Market to change it for Gold, so that when you see a promotion of the training fields, you have Gold to develop them. Only increase your training fields during these promotions, since at that time you got a discount of -45%; out of these promotions don't evolve because you'll be losing Gold's.

 If you go doing that, you'll see that with time and dedication, while I'll knowing new people, who will clarify your doubts, and even participating in other areas, such publishing newspaper articles or, for the those who enjoy the political module, you can help some party with which you identify yourself and / or have friends, and in the course of time, you will better understand the various game mechanics, so that when you become more evolved and start to fight you'll be "inside" the game and so you can do it in the best possible way.

IDEIAS: From now on, I want to thanks Pony for inviting me to this interview, say that I'm not a big fan of these interviews, but when I saw the effort he has made to try to help the community, the government, and the beginners, I think he deserved that I make an exception and give him the said interview, although, as usual, my "signature" long texts could not lack. XD

 I wish all of you to have fun, to use the game to build and not to destroy, to have a good time and maybe even meet new people in the game as in RL, as if the game can add something to you and your life, then it's already worth to stay here.

 Greetings to all guys. 😉

 We hope you enjoyed the interview, forgive any translation mistakes, and now we want to make an invitation: if someone here wants to be the next interview, feel inteved 🙂

 See you, folks!

 ePortuguese Ministry of Education Staff

Pony do Inferno - Minister of Education
opramimaqui - Vice Minister of Education
ren79 - Secretary of State
Alvaro Cunhal - Secretary of State