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Hello dears,

First of all I would like to thank you, all of you, all the 404 people who participate to , thanks to all MoFA who share my survey

As I just said I get 404 ( like an error ) answers, that’s awesome because i thought I would have 150-200 answers max.

Let’s begin the statistics analysis !
In game and In real Life relation

Answers came from 63 nations on 74 represented on erep, that’s 85% of all nations .

I sent a MP to all 74 MoFA, only 19 of them answered me, and then probably shared my article/survey .

If we look at google doc , the graphic about citizenship in game looks like :

This one is not understandable, then look at mine :

Click on it 😉

I had the same problem with real citizenship :

Then i do this one again :

Click on it 😉

We can see that some eplayers choose a country that is not their real country, for example Israël had 5 ePlayers, but no one from real country.
We can also see that 136 players didn’t choose their real country in game . That’s more than 25% of all answers I get !

After that I asked you why you chose this country , for this one you could pick several choices .

We can see 262 people pick “real country”, that’s 65%, this is nearly the same result than before ( more than 25% different) . That’s logic, most of all will live in their real country, but others will chose one because they love it or because it is interesting.
In other I found :
“because of friends” multiple times .
“didn’t like players in my real country”
“For fun” multiple times.
“Religious reason”
“Same nation living in 2 different countries”
“No reason”
And some are funnies :
“The French Britain doesn’t exist, then i play the closest I can”
And one special : “Your mother wanted some adventurous country where people practice gangbang”
I won’t say who said it even if I know who he is

In “I like this country” some of you have added why they love it, for example : “I studied it, my family lives here”.

Next question was : “ Are you happy with your eCountry ?”

We can see that a quarter of all aren’t happy in their country, that’s huge, why don’t you change ? ( answer me in comments 😉 )

Since when do you play erep ?

The majority is playing since more than 4 years, when erepublik was at it apogee.

How old are you ?

Half of players are between 24 and 39 and a third are between 15 and 24
This may be because people between 15 and 39 are the most “concerned” by internet, and internet revolution before.
What do you think ?
In game things

Why do you continue to play ?

In this one you could pick several choices.
Half of you don’t really know why they continue to play, I can understand …
Many of us are still playing erep too because we are a lot of friends here.
Some are only 2 clicking and some think erep is still interesting.
Few are big tanks or famous.
And finally few have others reasons :

“I’m paid by erepublik” ????
“Want to reach lvl 101 and will leave”
“Hope it will be interesting someday”
“I don't really know why ..., I'm not sure if I want to play more actively in the future, so keep playing in order to not fall further behind…”
“There always must be” 😃
“By habit”
“Because I play Highlande : "there can be only one"” ?
“I worship anan”
“Mainly because of my party. They are a great community.”
“I just started actually”
“I'm building stronger personal economy and it takes time. Otherwise it's boring.”
“Memories of a good game in the past”
“My chalenge is Titan ***, after i don't know!”
“My country needs me”
“Returning from 2-clicking to see if eRepublik is still worth playing”
“Spreading techno-fascism” -.-
“still hoping for the old economic module and military balancing”
“Still hoping something will change 🙂
“too lasy to quit”

I have an idea for those who don’t really know, you’re just playing for friends, or because erep is a part of you, you played it for one or many years, you can’t leave this game.

That happend to me on an other game few years ago, I played it for more than 3 years and I didn’t want to stop, I had friends, I was pretty known and that was a part of my life. But slowly i started not to play everyday and finally I left. Sometimes I think about it and I would like to meet my friends again but I don’t have any interest for this old game.
This is happening, but continue to play, just for your friends, this is the greatest reason you can have actually 😉

In which division are you ?

Nearly half of you are in div 4, erep is an old game.
As we can see on battlefield div 2 and 3 are much less than div 4 and 1.
@Tanks in Div 1, why do you stay in D1 ? BH are easier in Div 2 and 3 and you get more gold each time . And if it’s for Campaign points, you will win 2 in Div 2 instead of 1 in div 1.
Explain me please I’m not understanding .

Finally I asked you how could Plato improve Erep .
I got 202 propositions . Many are substantially the same and betters are :

“A better Economic Module”
is the one which I get the more . This is the main problem.
“Abolish dictatorship module, limit pack sales, give us the freedom to make our own fun in the game.”
Abolish dictatorship has returned many times too.

“By listening to player suggestions and not trying to make eRepublik a pay-to-win game.”

“remove dictatorships (or drastically change it so countries don't need to have 'defensive' domestic dictators), and revamp the political module to make it more relevant.”

“add tanking limits like in v1, make various currencies again, remove dictatorships”

“being more fare to non-pay gamers, without the non-payer players, why should the visa players pay for? fight for?”

“Better prizes with prestige points, destroying objects with MU every day-it keeps us active for whole day to plan action”

“Bring back the complexity of economic module like the past - MM, Labour skill & RM Cos & Strong Resource areas”

“Bring back V1”

“By puting featers what lots of players get only with scripts and by puting more events where there is need to everyone, like MU competitions and not regiment competitions where only certain number of players can be "great" enough. We need more goals for community and not only for individuals.”

I can’t put all propositions here but many are very interesting and well written.

If you want to have a look at all go there : https://docs.google.com/document/d/15BqsvXxvND8nGOaONc1JlUcfmxNiGTiPNMzw6iOJndw/edit?usp=sharing

If you want to see all answers to the survey have a look there : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ed2B0obDa3beqwwaPqEBYO2m9J3yrIz3UGc4hHwUdQY/edit?usp=sharing
And my favourite “proposition” are :

“Simple... 1. Restructuring and revitalizing the economic module with a different system, with local currencies. 2. Update divisions by strength 3. Create a division 0 for new players. 4. Making resource change continuously. 5. Add a penalty of damage amount of conquered regions. and most importantly, it's probably the real problem gambling. 6. The administrators must be committed to the game.”

“Simple... 1. Restructuring and revitalizing the economic module with a different system, with local currencies. 2. Update divisions by strength 3. Create a division 0 for new players. 4. Making resource change continuously. 5. Add a penalty of damage amount of conquered regions. and most importantly, it's probably the real problem gambling. 6. The administrators must be committed to the game.”

“Need to change divisions by max hit. Division 1 uses q1 and q2 wep, division 2 uses q3 and q4 wep and so on. That whould help economic as well. Now its no point to have small lvl factories, other than Rocket factory. In politics as well they need to think something more, but i don`t have any sugestions my self. As well they need to get the word out about the game after they fix divison problem, because nobody knows about this wonderfull game. Where else you can be president of your country? 🙂 P.S. Glad that someone is trying to do something. Sorry for bad english 🙁

“I honestly have no idea. He's ruined the game over the time so much that I don't think the damage is reversible. The main complain I have about the game (this or any other) is unlimited "strength" (or what ever) boost by using RL money. That's equivalent to cheating to me. I play games where I can pay for some "premium" content, but in neither of those paying makes me invincible or able to destroy any foe by paying more. That is simply ridiculous.”

Thanks all , I love you

Say me if you want other survey or special article about erep players ( photos ? other statistics ? ) and give me ideas 😉