[PLUTO] Let The Adventure Begin

Day 2,932, 12:17 Published in United Kingdom Belgium by P.L.U.T.O.

Dear Citizens of the eWorld,

It is my great pleasure on behalf of Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom to bring to you the eWorld’s newest alliance. While our founder nations are few, we have ambitious aims of growing in size and creating a platform of strength to give our members and allies a place for Protection, Liaison, Unity, Trust & Order. I think it is also a good time to say to our brothers in Ireland that once your internal struggles are over you are more than welcome to join back into P.L.U.T.O. as you’ve done so much to bring about its creation. So what is P.L.U.T.O? Read on to find out.

Charter of P.L.U.T.O.

The P.L.U.T.O. Charter has been signed by all current member states:



-The United Kingdom

Please click the link in the image to gain access to our first charter.

This charter has been agreed on by all P.L.U.T.O. CPs.


Last night in a historic meeting, P.L.U.T.O. CPs voted for the first time on who will lead up the organisation of our alliance. I’m happy to announce the first ever P.L.U.T.O. HQ is:

The Secretary General’s Welcome

Being FEARLESS isn't being 100% Not FEARFUL, it's being terrified but you jump anyway…

3 months ago, Belgium, Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom met on IRC. All of our countries had gone through hard times. However, as dangerous as the future might have seemed, we made the step forward, full of fear, but ready to take the risk.
Indeed, it might seem foolish that Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom would form a bond together, even an alliance, but we did not care for damage when we bonded together. When we first met, we’d had enough of fighting our wars alone and we’d had enough of daily occupations and invasions. We no longer wanted to just take it for granted but we wanted to resist. Damage, as important as it might be, won’t guarantee help. Friendship and Loyalty will. Belgium might be completely insignificant damage wise, but when it comes to friendship and loyalty, we have always stood with our allies, especially the United Kingdom. It has been one of the constants of Belgo-British History. In the same way, the UK have always been on our side, willing to help us out, even if we would never be able to pay them back damage-wise. Over the course of these last months, both Belgium and the UK showed their friendship to Spain, willing to help out wherever we could and Spain paid us back with as much friendship. We have formed a deep bond, a bond that all three of us want to continue deepening, a friendship that we want to continue to expand.

When we took that step for the formation of PLUTO, we didn’t want to go to fast. We didn’t want to rush, we first wanted to know how much we could trust each other. How can one achieve this trust? Well by co-ordinating our military efforts. That way, we could see if we could expect the same help from every member in this bond. I think the results are obvious, or else I wouldn’t be writing this article. We took one step after another, showing each other how far we’d be willing to go. It wasn’t easy taking these steps, a quick look over the last few months, hell one look at the World Map (oh yes, that thing you immediately hide because it’s really annoying) and you’ll see that everyone of us is having their fair share of issues, but every time one of us fell down, we turned around, picked him up and carried him.

We are still trying to free ourselves from our invaders, but taking one step at a time, we are getting somewhere and even if we lose, we stand up and try it again, because we are here to build ourselves up and take the next step together. Soon enough, more people will see us taking these steps and will decide that they no longer want to stay still, overcome their fears and join us in our journey. For our journey will be hard, but over the course of it, we shall bond and get new friends, have even more banter (Jesus F. Christ you wouldn’t believe how much banter you can have with Brits, Belgians and Spanish in one room). This, however, won’t be all, since there are many more countries, that are in the same situation, that need help but that have been abandoned or neglected because they seem worthless for the big guys. (Because, the eWorld is where the Big Boys play, amirite? Jeez I just referenced a show I’ve never even watched) This, is where PLUTO picks up, and does it’s best to help. Will we instantly free the World from oppression? No. We’re not Wizards because if we were we’d do a whole lot of other stuff (amirite 😉 ) but we will try and try and try, again and again. We shall fall down but as long as we have each other to pick us up and carry us forward, as long as we have each other to get over our losses and enjoy some time far away from these fights, we shall get closer to our goal.

HQ after meeting like

That was our spirit, when we came together for our first official meeting as PLUTO, friends talking about banter and eRepublik but always looking as how to help each other. It saddens me to see Ireland being unable to be part of this alliance but we shall always have an open door for our Irish friends.

I was actually going to put a gif of Lord of The Rings here but damn website ain’t making the gif. DAMN YOU INTERNETS, DAMN YOU

So, before I make this an even longer Wall of Text (many text, much wow / tlr / no boobs), I want to thank Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom for going together through these hard times and I want to thank them for their confidence in electing me as Secretary General. I shall now go on to write a beautiful PLUTO wiki page, because there is always another day for assignments 😃

So, obvious Space Quote you saw coming 1 mile away
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Hail Friendship

A word from P.L.U.T.O.’s (insane) Military Commander

/Me puts on best camp voice
OMG! I AM just SOOOOO excited to be HEREEEE!!
I would have NEVERR of known in my wildest of dreams and I have had some wild ones, isn’t that right sambo 😉 that II, yes ME, would be like the totes big COMMAND of mother ducking PLUTOOOO.
So i just want to say THXXX and give a BIG OLD sloppy KISSER and maybe a checky BJ no homo of course, to everyone who voted for MEEEEEE!!
Heres to the big old gay time futureEEEE
It will be totes AMAZE BALLSSS!!

Thank you for reading this first article from P.L.U.T.O. we hope to keep updating you on everything that is happening in our alliance so subscribe to keep updated and embrace the brotherhood of P.L.U.T.O.


P.L.U.T.O. Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Hail Friendship,