[CP] Third Address

Day 2,928, 18:42 Published in Canada Canada by klop123

Our Situation

I know I could attempt to woo you guys with valiant stories of how we're working very hard to get our country liberated or I could dodge around what we've seen in the media the past week, but let's face it. We're in a tough situation.

Here is what has gone down this month:

Italy: Shortly after the term started, Italy approached us with an offer. They wanted to pay us taxes plus extra to rent three regions. We accepted on the terms that we enter a training war to help with TP gold production. This deal seemed like a no brainer. With little effort we were getting paid while spending nothing. To be completely honest, I was not anticipating any backlash from you guys. It did seem like a win, even though Canada rarely signs these deals. (Last big one was Spain I believe)

The Myth: Since we've done it before against USA, Spain, Poland, UK, Hungary, Russia, Germark etc, (The list goes on, I am pretty sure we have been invaded by everyone in eRep) we can liberate ourselves from Albania and Italy. Let's do the RW game.

The Reality: The aforementioned RW strategy requires a lot of players putting some time and commitment into this game. We need players supplying tanks, we need CO money, we need people staying up late into the early morning hours to ensure victory, we need 10,000 cc to start each RW. Unfortunately, we are lacking these extra hands. Through all this, we have been looking at all possible options, even now with our friends in Asteria and Orion as well as elsewhere. At the moment, the only deal we have is this one.

However, the deal is renewable at the start of each new CP term, so I do want to know what you think of it. I've heard some reactions, but I want to hear everyone's stance. Here is where you can share your opinion and affect our future decisions on the matter.


Pick three numbers between 1 and 49 in the comment section and you could win some currency. A random number generator will be used to select these numbers.

1 number correct: 250 cc
2 numbers correct: 1000 cc
3 numbers correct: 5000 cc

Tanks for Ranks and Food for Noobs

I know we have supply program for Division 1 and 2, excellent article here however if you are of a higher rank and need some food and/or tanks, please comment below or shoot me a PM. If there is enough interest, perhaps we can expand the current program or look at opening another one.


In some sadder news, our old Asgard ally, Norway has been taken over by a hostile Chilean MU via dictatorship. I ask that you support our real friends in Norway and stay tuned on any battles for liberation they may have.