[MrCarey4CP] It All Leads Up to This

Day 2,866, 23:14 Published in USA USA by MrCarey

Good day eAmerica! I am extremely excited to announce the beginning of my Presidential Campaign! That’s right, I’m running for President of eAmerica for the first time in my eRepublik “career”. I’ve dwelled on this decision for quite a while now, and during that time, I’ve talked with several different people about it and have been prepping myself for this.

Back Story

I started playing eRepublik in 2009, and I remember when I first started playing and clicking through all the menus, that I found there was a President. I thought, “Wow, that’s awesome! I bet that’d be pretty cool to do.” I pretty much made it my eRepublik goal to work my way up to becoming the President of eUSA. From 2009 to 2015, I will admit, I did spend more time away from the game than in it. However, the time I did spend in it was well spent and productive. I’ve been gradually building my way up to this very moment through different political jobs and positions. I had done work in 2009 as Director of Communication in America’s Advancement Party as well as in the Welcoming Committee in the Department of Interior.

I left the game for a long time, and came back last year. I joined WTP and started off as a Deputy in the Media Department and Retention Department. Shortly after that, I made my first run for congress and received the 2nd most votes in the primary election. The following month, I was elected Party President and held office for 2 terms. During Tyler B’s presidency in 2014, I joined the Media Department as a deputy, and eventually was appointed Secretary of Education to fill a vacant spot.

In November, RL was starting to get crazy, and I had to step away from eRepublik. When I came back earlier this year, I jumped right back in it. I took over as Dean of the American University and was Director of Media in WTP. When Tyler B ran for CP this year, he approached me about being Chief of Staff. This was by far the most high profile job I had been offered. I took it with great enthusiasm, and was told many times throughout that term how great I did as CoS. When Aramec ran this past month, he approached me for CoS as well, and I took the position again. I was told CoS is a good launch pad to President, and I knew I was going to be taking my first shot at the position soon.

Political Recap:

Chief of Staff, eUSA x2
Secretary of Education x2
Secretary of Citizen Affairs x1
Deputy of Media, eUSA x1
Congressman, WTP x6
Party President, WTP x2
Deputy of Media, WTP x1
Director of Media, WTP x1
Deputy of Retention, WTP x1
Director of Retention, WTP x1

Now that you know my credentials, I’m assuming you want my plans. However, allow me to ask some questions. What keeps you coming back here? Why do you keep playing eRepublik? What do you enjoy most about this game? I’m going to assume the answers would be: Community, entertainment, activity, battles, wars, etc. As PotUS, I won’t be able to promise you community, because that’s something we all need to be equal parts of. I can however, promise you entertainment and activity.

My cabinet is already assembled and ready to go. I’ve got a guy in Media that has been there before and produced results. I’ve got the daily Press Releases coming back as well for your entertainment desires. I’ve got people in Citizen Affairs ready to provide activities for you all to take part in. I’ve got established, well respected people in State, Defense, and NSC ready to provide you all with some action. Want to know who these people are? Good!

One of my main goals for my term (should I be elected) will be to keep our presence in Spain. I’m tired of going into somewhere, taking a bunch of regions, and then giving them back - just to go back the next month and do it all over again. It’s time to keep what we fight for. Let’s extend our reach and grow some. As Garmr would say; “Let’s get massive.” After all, there’s more than one way to raise our funds - taxes don’t have to be our only answer.

I hope this announcement has intrigued you all into knowing more, and begun inspiring our nation for continued success together. I will open threads in the top 5 party forums and answer appropriate questions asked here in the comments. Until next time, take care and roll on!

Presidential Hopeful