[Voice of Asteria] Welcome Portugal

Day 2,862, 03:43 Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

Dear citizens of Asteria.

Today we welcome you to one of the countries coming demonstrating loyalty quite a while ,
Portugal It was a country pro-Asteria , guild member CUAP and always proved to be a great ally , surely continue working in Asteria and work to strengthen our relationships and wish you a welcome very good . I hope you Portugal are very comfortable.

Portugal has been calling for months entry into the alliance and finally unanimously Gave approval for members Asteria . We knew that we could not reject an ally who has demonstrated great commitment and responsibility to alliance.
Portugal will continue to work with all members Asteria, so this partnership continues to grow.

Hail Portugal
Hail Romania
Hail Argentina
Hail Serbia
Hail Brazil
Hail Slovenia
Hail China
Hail Asteria

Don’t forget, if you want to talk to us, you can find us on our public channel:

Until the next time :

SG - Xx.Gunner.xX
dSG - Marcus Nerva Traianus
SoFa - Turturica
dSoFa - Clorofila
dSoFa - Mr. Indigo
dSoFa - ChaniryXXI.