☪ Presidential Elections ☪

Day 2,815, 05:18 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1

The Presidential elections are taking place today so I'm writing this brief article to let you know about the cabinet and my plans for this month.
Most of the cabinet positions are still open, whoever would like to be on one or more of the cabinet positions can contact me in-game or on IRC. For Positions with more than one contender, seniority, experience and activity will be taken into account.
1: HoC/Prime Minister: (Still Open)
2: Minister of Defence: Ghost of Serbia
3: Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hoozuki (Will be retained by him)
4: Minister of Finance: pamadapa
5: Minister of Education: (Still Open)
6: Minister of Entertainment/Activity: Sparkfyre
7: Governer: pamadapa
You are subjected to be removed from the positions if you fail to be active and perform on the task assigned.

- To be honest, I will not be making promises for things that are impossible and which I cannot achieve. We might try to get back the regions if eWorld Politics allows us but its still a long shot and we will be clinging onto the region we still have so we can at least have congress.
- Inactivity is hitting eRepublik hard due to policies of Plato and ePakistan, considering its ever dwindling population is also being hit hard by it. I will try to keep you up on affairs at least once a week and in the meanwhile once we are done with the T4LYMPICS competition, Sparkfyre will continue with her puzzles and we'll try to introduce other weekly games for ePakistani citizens.
I won't be begging for votes so vote whoever you consider best in ePakistan's Presidential Elections. I'm trying to be realistic here so sorry if my plans aren't much in line with yours. However, I will always welcome your kind suggestions with an open heart and if you want to discuss something, you are free to contact me on IRC or in-game.

With Kind Regards,
1x President of Pakistan
2x Prime Minister
6x Congress Member
Loyal ePakistani Citizen.