[BB4CP] All about dem plans!

Day 2,809, 19:48 Published in USA USA by BeachBro

What kinda plans ya got Bunny? Is a question I get asked on the daily. I got plans out the Wazoooo! Really though in all seriousness I want to make this game fun for you guys to play. Being Country President puts me in a unique position to actually affect and create fun in a game that seriously lacks it. Ya I know " Bunny you cant run solely on fun that just sounds crazy " Lets see what I have planned!

Well I firstly want to expand even more with our Foreign Affairs. With the quitting of one of our prominent Owl we seem to find ourselves wondering whats next? Can we sustain or grow our ties with allies or even gain new ones. Or are we doomed and now on everyone's radar? Id say we are just fine. Don't get me wrong Wild Owl was great for foreign affairs as well as this eNation. All this means is the rest of us gotta pick up the slack and push on. No one in this world is irreplaceable. I have chosen Trekker as my SoS. With the help of MaryamQ and Cody Caine I feel we can accomplish all that and more. Here we will be aiming to strengthening our ties with our allies. As well as possibly building new ties. We have a couple we are looking into. This will be a strong month on this front!

Domestically the merge that Aramec and Jefferson Locke have put together of the two departments will of course still be in affect. I do hope Jefferson Locke feels better and has a speedy recovery. Here we will keep on pushing along with Aramec and MrCarey in charge I see nothing but Greatness in this department. I have complete faith in these two guys and their deputies to run things without much oversight from me if any at all! 100% trust.

Media will and better pump out some great articles or else I will have to break out the whips. They might enjoy that to much don't ya think? All Jokes aside Derphoof and the team I have assembled to work with him will keep us all informed as well as bring in some new aspects to things. This will be a good month for media from myself and from this department.

Last but not least, will we sit on our thumbs or will we get on out there and make people react to us instead of reacting to the eWorld? I prefer the latter. I for one am tired of reacting to whats going on. Of course there is always a need to help our allies. That will not be sacrificed. But at the end of the day if we aren't out there putting our stamp of freedom out there we are doing it wrong. There are a couple of targets I and my staff are looking into. Now no worries you guys who are out there clutching their coin purses. I will not in the name of fun break us as a nation. There are members out there who feel I will just run wild with war ruining everything! That is not the case you little rascals. I will not for the sake of fun ruin our Standing with our allies. Fun does need to be had though. So with all that being said, get your tanks ready, fill your stores with food and munitions. Lets have some fun.

All in all I am very excited for this month ahead of us in every aspect. I know you all are too. I am not gonna chat your eyes off anymore as i feel I have written to much as it is. As Party Primaries are starting to get under way I ask all involved for their support in Voting BeachBunny in your respective Party Primary. BeachBunny for Country President!

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