[BB4CP] Stop, Cabinet Time!

Day 2,807, 18:02 Published in USA USA by BeachBro

Who is ready to see my awesome, amazing, and magnificent Cabinet that I have constructed. I am only as good as the people I surround myself with. No room for a week link in the chain. I don't see a week link in sight with this group of people. We will be kicking some major booty in the coming month! I know you all will be as excited as I am! Without further Ado here is the A Team!

Vice President

Now this lady is someone I am really excited about. She is a former FED's Party President as well as 11 terms in Congress under the FED flag. She is also a Officer in EZC as Training Director. Among other odd jobs within the FED Party. She is an up and comer and am very excited about her. She will always be honest with me as i have experienced already and isn't afraid to tell me I am wrong. She will keep me in check and honest. Shes gonna be one hell of a monster!

Chief of Staff

Now Blande is a great addition to this team! He has done wonders as SoE and will be assisting me in many many ways. I hope to pull from his experience as SoE to help with retention! He will be the one to yell at me and all of my cabinet to get their jobs done. We run a tight ship here! All Joking aside he will keep my cabinet honest and on task. Really excited about him.

NSC Chair

Now this may be one of the additions to my Cabinet that I am most excited about. Me and RaccoonGoon met formally and really started getting to know each other while working on NSC during Trekkers last term. Man this guys motor never quits. He has been a rising star within NSC and I just cant wait to use him and his talents and put them to good use during my term. This one y'all is a winner!

Secretary of State

He was just Country president for 3 terms and will do wonders in the State Department. We will work hand in hand towards building stronger ties with our allies and making new ties as well. Very excited about this.

Secretary of Defense

This guy has been a hoot to just be around. He is an up and comer in the Defense Department and has been working hand in hand with NSC of the last month. One of the fresh faces that will keep this great country running. He will be a monster when it comes to our defense!

Secretary of Media

This of course is the man with the voice of an angel. He has been working along side Aramec doing eNPR and have done an amazing job so far for sure. I have assembled again what I think is the best Media Team possible to help this guy out. He will have plenty of good writers at his beck and call. Again so excited about this!

Department of Homeland Security

Now this Department isn't the BEAST it used to be. But I believe in a good defense and always being prepared for what could or may happen. Beerman616 is the only man for this job. He will keep us safe. I know this. I mean come on hes always drinking beer... Wait... Oh well... Whats said is said... To Beer...

Minister of Propaganda

Now every Cabinet needs all of The greeling. He will be issuing fun to everyone. End of story you have to accept your doses of greeling America. You will enjoy it all in the end I Promise!

The Department of Citizen Affairs

Effective August 5th, 2015, the Departments of Education and Interior will officially become the Department of Citizen Affairs. I of course still feel this need two outstanding Department heads. They will of course be working together towards on common goal. The development and teaching of our new players.

You can read more about it here: Department of Citizen Affairs


Aramec has done great things for this country and for the Interior. I have been really impressed over the last month and all that he has done in Interior. I of course was working for him and he did amazing. From getting in some newer players as Deputies to run some programs to keeping us all honest and doing our jobs. He will do wonders on this side of the house.


This guy is a MONSTER! He is so enthusiastic and passionate about education. He lives and breaths education to his very core. This makes me want to do the best possible job as I can as a CP. He is the life blood of this game. I know he will do us proud and then some. He inspires me each and every day to do the best I can.

There you have it my lovely friends! We have ourselves the best Cabinet I see possible right here working for me. We will do wonders and do our absolute best at all times for this country. There is no better group of individuals to run this country. I have no question in my mind that you see this as I see it. So Vote BeachBunny in your Party Primaries as well as on the 5th of August. Lets kick some booty America!

Queen of Awesome