[BB4CP] Second time's the Charm!

Day 2,805, 13:42 Published in USA USA by BeachBro

OMG could it be that time again all ready. These past 20 days have gone by so darn fast. I have been up to a lot this month. From working with the AMP, DoI, IES, EZC, and NSC. It has been a good month overall. Just glad I was still able to do my part and help out in many different areas of this great Country. Now to the meat and potatoes of this article. I am running for Country President of this great eNation for the August 2015 term. I hope to have all of your support!

I of course don't feel that support is deserved, it is earned. Earned with hard work and dedication to the eUS and her best interests. Earned with well so many many other qualities that encompasses a leader! I could sit here and chat off your eyes and be super duper long winded. You all know what you want in your next CP. Its obviously someone who enjoys long walks on the BEACH and whose favorite animal just so happens to be a BUNNY.

At the end of the day I feel and know that I would and will be a great CP. My Campaign last month was all about fun! In truth it still is. But we all know there has to be more to it. Keeping our ties with our allies as strong as possible as well as maybe adding in some extra ones. Continuation in the support and growth of our new players is key to this games survival as well. DoE and DoI are of course very important parts to this community and our new players. Being as open and honest and forthcoming with Congress is also key! Don't want to make those Congress Critters upset. Being a 17 term Congress member, we definitely don't like being left in the dark. When the dust settles and the air is clear again their is truthfully one true thing that makes this game fun. Its War and having a cause and reason to throw our damage down range. Fighting for our allies and helping them in their battles is fun and all but why are we the only ones helping out it seems. I say its time for some change in that department.

Lets stop sitting on our money and asses and get on out there and be somebody! In the coming days i will be releasing more articles giving 100% Transparency on my Cabinet as well as my plans for the month! Second time is the Charm yall. Vote BeachBunny on the 5th of August.

Queen of Awesome