POW’s 6th Birthday

Day 2,784, 05:37 Published in Croatia Croatia by Dryblas

Our another birthday party came to an end. Now it’s the time to summarize what happened yesterday.
This article is going to be long, so if you can’t be bothered to read it - well, bad luck, because there won’t be a tlr version.

POW was created on 18th of June 2009, so technically, it’s been over 2 weeks since our 6th anniversary, but we decided to wait for some kind of event or tournament. Plato gave us “Soldiers of fortune” event - it wasn’t what we were hoping for, but it had to do.

We were well prepared, just like every year.

By the way, if you’re wondering - you need around 12 hours of non-stop fighting to burn 2500 bars (+ a few hundreds from WL) and 20 minutes to drop 1000 bombs.

This game is almost dead and of course the sad true is that POW is half-dead (euphemism) too. We were always a very small MU and currently we have around 15 active fighters. We could have hoped for 10-15 people to come for our party. Considering this we had to find some battle for us. And of course we were looking for… the strongest enemy available. Our little too ambitious plans didn’t go through (no details, sorry), so it had to be an old-fashioned rw, just like every year.

We picked Serbia, because obviously it’s the strongest and wealthiest country in the e-world. We don’t like it too easy.

Next move - picking a region. Obvious choice was Albania, as they didn’t have any regions, we have many friends there and we knew it would be tough.

After starting Tirana, we’ve raised 2 more drains (Dubai and WSR) and Spaniards raised their own rw (La Rioja).

With 4 ongoing battles, we were finally ready to give them hell.

1st mini in Tirana ended 14:4 for us. It was the first epic in D4 and the only one won by us (and only because the battle turned epic for the last 30 seconds). Only for 30 seconds but we could see then how FREAKING POWERFUL their alliance is. The wall went down ~5% in 30 seconds and as I said - we won it just because the battle ended.

2nd mini was the most interesting one. Epic started very soon (crushing our walls like paper) and even though we’ve dealt billions of dmg (and turned the wall on our side for a moment) with just 5-10 people fighting from POW we couldn’t hit fast enough to win. 14:20

In 3rd mini they let us win D4 with small cost taking all other divisions. 19:27

In 4th mini we won everything but D3. 28:30

5th mini - D4 for us, epic D1, epic D2 and D3 for Serbia. 33:39

6th was one of decisive battles. They set a large COs right from the beginning, becuase they wanted it to go epic. And it did. Crushing our 60% wall in 1 minute and making it 45% in another minute. We couldn’t see anything because of tears covering our eyes, but we had to click the damn buttons. And we did so. We even turned the wall on our side for a while, but it was all for nothing and we lost it. Only D1 for us this time. 34:54

7th mini looked almost exactly like 6th one. Fast epic, raped wall, tears. 35:69

From this moment on it was clear to us who won the battle. We only had D4 fighters (well, with two D1 exceptions) and it was just impossible for us to win anything except D4. Only 11:0 could save us, but every CO I set on lower divisions was doubled or tripled by Serbs. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted this. If I wanted a walk in the park, I would have made a dictatorship in some small country. But we didn’t want that, we wanted challenge. And this year it surpassed us.

8th mini - D4 for us, epic D1 for us, rest for them. 42:76

9th mini - D4 for us, the rest for them. 47:83

10th - D1 + D4 won. 53:88

After 11th mini the battle ended with score 54:98

We lost. For the first time in history of our birthdays. But that’s not a failure to me. We stood up against an entire nation. We’re the Spartans of Erepublik.

In the meantime, we fought really hard in Dubai, but with two hard battles we decided to focus on Tirana around 4th-5th mini. (ended 22:94).
Of course we kept WSR on track - 94:3.
And sometimes helped Spaniards in their battle - 94:0 in La Rioja.

With 15 fighters we’ve dealt OVER 51 BILLIONS DMG. Funny thing is that last year we had more (over 58 billions), but there were 34 fighters back then.

13 guys got into Top Fighters.

We got battle hero medals from almost all D4 battles in Tirana, Dubai and WSR, leading to 3 CH medals (Tirana, Dubai, WSR).

Overall damage from screens can differ a little from actual damage made as the screenshots were made rather early (around 1 AM polish time), during the battles, when I was going to sleep. (erepublik doesn’t let you make a screenshot of overall damage AFTER the battle, which sucks heavily)

I would like to thank POW members for being here with me, Feynovac, Zdlemmy and Romper for their huge help. I would also like to thank all the people who fought alongside us.

Big thanks goes to Serbia for being a strong opponent and the only reasonable choice to “host” a party of this kind. Respect.

Some before and after screenshots:







See you next year (I hope)

Hail POW
Hail Tulj
Hail Cro