[BB4CP] Look!!! I made a cabinet!!!

Day 2,777, 15:13 Published in USA USA by BeachBro

So guys I built a cabinet!!!!!! Now this cabinet could be one of two things. It could be a big beautiful Marble topped dark cherry stained Cabinet or it could be a bunch of awesome amazing people who I love and will be assisting me in my CP term of this great country. I say we have both!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my dream Kitchen Cabinets!!!!

And here is the team that is going to bring fun and excitement back the the eUSA!

Vice President


Well we all know that I have chosen this amazing gal as my Vice President. Just had to stress again how excited I am about her joining my team. She will bring so much experience to the table in assisting me. She is the best choice! The only Choice in my opinion! She will of course help me in kicking booty! Welcome your Women Overlords America!

Chief of Staff


Now Blande is someone else I am excited about! He has done wonders as SoE and will be assisting me in many many ways. I hope to pull from his experience as SoE to help with retention and of course FUN! He is a great addition to an already great cabinet.

Secretary of State

Wild Owl

Now of course the infamous Wild Owl. He has been CP 5 times. Was the first Defensive Dictator of our great nation as well as securing the great Foreign Affairs that we have been enjoying for some time now. We have spoken on many occasions since he became my choice for SoS about a month and a half ago. He will of course be on board with some good ol fashioned FUN!

NSC Chairs

TheNorm & Trekker

Now these two gems will be heading up NSC together as a Two Headed monster. I have the utmost confidence and respect for these two. They will get the every time consuming task that is NSC done.

Secretary of Defense


Now this guy has only had his hands in the Defense of this nation for a good while now. This guy is honest and brutally at that. I respect that about him. Some people are too afraid to tell it like it is. But we all know there have been times there was someone there to smack us in the face with reality. This is that guy. And what better place for him to be other than the Defense of this great nation!


Tom Cauchon, Wooky Jack, nick.bergman, Alexander_Auctoritas, EddieA, & Aramec

Well this is my media team. And I stress that this is a team. I am super excited about this group of godly media guys! They will get the job done. And that is to entertain the masses. Keep them involved and up to date on all current affairs of our great nation. They will get this job done with ease.

Secretary of Education


Now this guy is a beast! He is so enthusiastic and passionate about education. From our talks together he lives and breaths this department. This makes me want to do the best possible job as I can as a CP. He is the life blood of this game. I know he will do us proud and then some.

Secretary of Interior


Now this guy has been the one constant figure for DoI. Since I made my young start in this game 3 years ago. I started in DoI and he was my boss. He has always been with DoI as it is what he loves and is his passion! He will do a grand job in leading this department that I love.

Department of Homeland Security


Now this Department isnt the monster it used to be. But I believe in a good defense and always being prepared for what could or may happen. Beerman616 is the man for this job. He will do great things and keep us safe. I know this. I mean come on hes always drinking beer... Wait... Oh well...

Minister of Propaganda


Now every Cabinet needs a lot of greeling. He will be issuing fun to everyone. End of story you have to accept your doses of greeling America. You will enjoy it all in the end I Promise!


Gnilraps, Oblige, eShades, & Slybabymichele

Well these are just some extra amazing people that are going to help me in decisions and just overall bring more awesomeness to this game. I am so happy to see that they joined on to the team to help with this great nation!!!!!!!!!!

Now as you can see I have made the best cabinet possible!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ecstatic about this cabinet and this upcoming month. We will make this country proud!!!!! So please come out on the 5th of July and vote BeachBunny for Country President!!!!!

Queen of Awesome