[BB4CP] Whoever could my VP be!!!!!!!!!

Day 2,775, 23:09 Published in USA USA by BeachBro

Oh who oh who could my VP be. Oh who oh who could it be! Now I could just say it like I really want to. Hell I want to shout it from a mountain top with how excited this person makes me. But that just won't do. Now no cheating and going and seeing who I have chosen. You must promise you won't go down and see. Say it! Say " I promise BeachBunny to not go to the bottom of the page and see who she has chosen as VP " I knew you guys were trustworthy. I love you guys. So forward march unto my article!!!!!!!!!!

Now let me tell you a little about about my VP. First hint! She is an amazing person. Oh snap its a girl. But onto her actual qualifications and why I chose her. She started in Oct 2009 but made her start in mobile voting. From there, she landed in Strategic Air Command. She was sent first to eUK, and then to eBE, to try to keep eBE neutral. She ran for Congress there and had some big debates within Congress which got her noticed and she was brought into the Government as Minister of Information Which was their equivalent of Media. By October, she was drafted to run for CP and won quite handily. She had various jobs in government and nearly constant presence in Congress from that point until she stepped back in the summer of 2011.

When she returned in the fall, she was again begged to run for CP and won with almost no opposition. She also helped bring along some younger players. Her governments were always consciously inclusive of parties across the board, including those who were against almost everything the government and Congress did. In all she had over 19 terms in Congress in eBE, one in eUK, and now 3 in eUS. In the summer of 2012, she was in eUS as a supply officer for the Belgian National Army. She was a member of the Belgian Paras unit, and really got heavily involved in military while there. She joined SFP while here at that time, and ran as a blocker in a couple of Congress elections. When the decision was made to start giving away bonuses, our SOs were transferred to Poland. She returned to eBE eventually after the economy tanked and there was no longer enough funding to support their state MU.

In the summer of 2013, she was involved in a fight to keep the faux commies in the country from importing Serbs. She served as VP to 2 candidates and co-CP to another (Elyna had the buttons), and finally decided to run for CP herself because it was frankly easier. During that term, CoT died, and she also made arrangements with Poland for a wipe (something that had been done multiple times before), fully intending it to be the end of her political career, but hoping it would stop the influx of Serbs. She was also commander of Green Militia (now Saligia) for a good part of that time. GM was relatively tiny, but regularly outgunned the now nearly dead Belgian National Army. In eBE, she served in pretty nearly every government capacity, but always preferred to stay on the domestic side.

Having decided she couldn't take any more of the tolerance for people who disregarded the immigration system, she moved to eUK and joined The Unity Party (where she had been briefly before and had a number of friends). She was a member of Funky Militia while there (a really great unit that sadly no longer exists). When eUK started to have PTO problems that were laughed off by people like WayneKerr and his Dental Corps, many TUP people left for Poland and formed the Unity MU. Unfortunately, it did not live up to what they had hoped for it. She was nearly ready to quit when Nohjis came alive and started his eBanana Republik stuff, and Norm coincidentally made the last of many attempts to recruit her to EZC. She now resides in SFP.

So lets see.... She has been CP 3 times and brings that experience to help guide and advise me. She has been in Congress 23 times and brings the experience of knowing how to deal with many different personalities in one place. She has run MU's as CO, so has not only run a country but also can lead soldiers into battle. She has always been there for the new players to help them and guide them onto the path of greatness within eRep. Gosh I really am confused on why she isn't in everyone's cabinet. I am so excited at all the experience she brings to my Cabinet and truthfully to myself.

Now I know the ones who kept their promise and didn't go down to the bottom to see who it was that I have chosen to have as my VP are really wondering who my VP pick is. Well wait no further. It is none other than....


She is the best option out there. The only option in my book. So join me in clapping, praise, cheering, and support of MaryamQ! With her at my side we will serve with Honor, Intelligence, and Awesomeness!

Gosh I am so excited about this CP race. I don't know about all of you but I sure as hell enjoy this kind of thing - trying to get every vote you can to win. This is what I play for. I play for the interaction with all of you out there. I love talking to everyone I can. If anyone ever wants to talk to me, message me in-game or come hit me up on IRC. I would love to talk with you about anything and everything. Now come on out on the 5th of July and vote BeachBunny for CP. I will be honored to serve this nation as its President.

Queen of Awesome