Next version of Erepublik

Day 169, 08:55 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

Next version of Erepublik

The next version of Erepublik will bring many new features requested by Citizens and some very interesting modifications within the gameplay. We will reveal some of them as we approach the launch date, but we will also keep some secrets to make it more interesting. We will constantly keep you updated with the work in progress for this new version. But main goals will be to maximize fun, simplicity / ease of use and performance (including less bugs) without sacrificing depth.

Taking into consideration that building the new version involves almost the entire team, we decided to focus more on the quality of the new version. Meanwhile, on the current version, we will continue to administrate and fix the bugs and work on performance tuning but won’t be making major improvements.
We won't reset the current Erepublik facts when launching V1 so the story continues.

Other issues:
- The military rank is now working and Citizens that fought in battles will now be able to see their progress in the military section on their profile page.
- We gave 3 more invites to Citizens who had no invitations left. Another set of invites will be given next week for all Citizens (as long as performance is ok)
- This week 1000 more invites were sent to people from the waiting list;
- There was a problem with the database that affected the private messages system, but now everything should be OK.
- Today we uploaded a lot of bug fixes and until the end of next week we should resolve most major bugs.

Thanks from the Erepublik team.