Breaking News: The Truth about King William?

Day 2,753, 13:17 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by AMD.

Honourable members of the eUnited Kingdom.
I come to you today with some shocking news, but I would first like to clarify something.
This is not an attempt to discredit a member of the eUK and CP member nor is it an attempt to discredit the work of the UKPP, as there have been, and still are many trustworthy members.
I simply feel the truth must be told.
What I am about to say may be a shocking allegation to the old fags amongst you, and the young fags like me may at first be baffled, however after many outcries I feel I need to do what needs to be done.

Before I begin I apologise for what may be a serious article and wall of text, not my usual style of article I know.

For starters. Members of the eUK have found substantial evidence that King William the Great : is none other than a man by the name of Ajay Bruno.

OMG Where is your evidence?
I received this message from King William the Great:

Following which we hunted down the account he was referencing, which lead us to a Winston L.S. Churchill :
Referenced CP Election :
Previous PP Election:
Before I go on, to find out more about Winston L.S Churchill being Ajay Bruno, and any proof we have not only countless articles (Just google Winston L S Churchill Erepublik) but also take a look at this youtube video from Ajay Bruno’s own channel: (TO SAVE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME, IT IS ABOUT 4 MINUTES IN)

All of this can of course be further verified. Winston L.S Churchill was banned for the very same reason King Will mentioned above, one look at his profile shows that.

Now this guy Winston L.S Churchill has a thing against Woldy in particular, we can see this from old articles such as this one:
You’ll notice on the comments that people refer to him as Ajay, and Woldy has confirmed that the guy acts just like Ajay. Even eUK citizens have stated that they haven’t heard much from Ajay in a while. It also seems that his only basis for this whole anti-Dictator law, besides possibly becoming dictator himself, is that he still hates Woldy, 6 years after Woldy trolled Winston L.S Churchill on his own podcast

Also let's note that he wanted to get rid of the Dictator but didn't seem to care who it went to
Removing the Dictator = Citizenship passes in his hands.

What does this mean?
At first I brought this up in a nonchalant fashion, not expecting that the information I had found would come to anything. After getting a bad reaction from my fellow members of the eUK I was confused as I did not know who this person was. It turns out that we are right to be shocked. Old fags, you probably already know this, and if you can vouch please say so in the comments, young fags this is mainly for your benefit.

First of all, we believe that it is widely known that Ajay’s other current account is the American Ronald Gipper Reagan.

"Ronald Gipper Reagan is currently a citizen of the United States and person of note in the controversial American Freedom Alliance party. He is one of the few players in the USA to be labeled an "Enemy of the State" by the political community at large."

Despite his in-game age, Ronald is no newcomer to eRepublik. His first character, Ajay Bruno was permanently banned for administering multiple accounts. His later characters, Pizza The Hut, Pizza The Hut II, and General Cartman Lee were also banned for a variety of reasons. He contends that many of the bans in question were unjust. Throughout his time in eRepublik, Ronald has been a primarily political player. He has served as a congressman on most or all of his characters, founded countless political parties, and numerous times attempted to become country President.
With Chickensguys in June 2012 he Co-Found Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC). Since the PTO of RLC, he reformatted the American Freedom Alliance party into its modern form.

He uses famous names, for example Winston S Churchill, Ronald Reagan, now perhaps King William, which matches Woldy’s description. If you do not believe me believe an oldfag like Woldy.

“If he is Ajay then he has a very bad track record, in the eUS, (if he is Ajay) then he STILL has a party under the account Ronald Ripper Reagan (or something similar), which he multi'd into the top 5 and then shipped in serbs and created bots to make power grabs at being CP. He's generally a dangerous character to have about, a mixture between an egomaniac and an idealist. He's basically the comic book villain who will take power and reshape the world around some skewed ideals.
Not thats its relevant to the game but Ajay is a disgusting person irl too”

The main thing to grab here, is that HE STILL ACTIVELY RUNS A PARTY IN THE USA!

Don’t believe he is Ronald Gipper Reagan. Lets see his own reaction when faced with this accusation.

I present to you a tongue in cheek discussion between myself and Sambo223 in Congress. It could be innocent, harmless fun. ALMOST IMMEDIATELY I received the following:

I rest my case.

Closing Remarks
Look at the comments of his article, alot of people are suggesting the same thing, but let me show you this in particular.

Haha, now we get to hear your opinion. You have given a rebuttal to these accusations, and I am sure you will in the comments below, however people also had genuine problems with your policies on your article which you fail to address. Please do, this at the very least.

At this point I can no longer see if he replied, I have been removed as a friend for some reason xD. Can’t imagine why.

Further Reading : In which Ajay is told that he is too aggressive for the MITT ROMNEY campaign.

And a quick google search of Ajay Bruno Erepublik will tell you a lot more that I have not yet covered here, check out his youtube channel above as well.

Final Remark
If you still find all this hard to believe I leave you with this, Thank you mr Immaneul Kant, and I understand that Willy, like myself, will no longer trust you.

I have been Aaron Mark Daniels, acting independently on behalf of the United Kingdom.

TL😃R: King William = Ajay
Ajay = Bad

EDIT, TY PILOTPHIL,6714.0.html

It makes sense, Ajay is suspected of vote fraud, in congress' last bill, King Willies proposal, we had 5 fraud votes


Please, show us your version of the screenshots then my friend...

Speaks for itself really


In case anyone claims these are doctored or edited, ask every congressmen in this chat:

As they can verify xD

Suspecte😛 Thanks Certacito!