The list a 10 higher and more influence partys of world in erepublik - part 1

Day 2,715, 16:44 Published in USA United Kingdom by thiagoguerra

Hello now we're going show the list a 10 higher and more influence partys of world in erepublik

10- We the people (USA): We the People (WTP) is a political party representing the very best that the USA has to offer to the world; among its ranks are many soldiers, congresspeople, and former presidents.

9- Parti Koinmuniste (or called oldest Quackmunist Party - France): The Parti Koinmuniste (in english, Quackmunist Party) was created at the beginning of 2009 by former Mouvement Des Révolutionnaires members, in order to give eRepublik a true pro-duck political party.

Oldest logo of parti komunist (or party Quackmunist)

8- UK Progression Party (UK): The UKPP aims to be a party that supports new players by allowing them to help shape party policy. We strive to be transparent, favouring democratic conferences and postal balloting over executive decisions. Your in-game age, strength, wealth or connections are not what matters - your commitment, activity and desire to succeed do.

7- Partido Forocoches (Spain): Partido Forocoches is a political party of Spain. After France took all regions from Spain in August 2009, it become French party and it was later re-established in Spain. Number members: 650 members of party.

6- Party Federalist (USA): The Federalist Party (Feds) is a political party in the eUS that believes our nation is only as strong as its citizens. Focused on education and service, The Federalist Party pushes for federalism in the eUS and fights for shared responsibility between all parties and the federal government.

5- Canadian Progressive Front (Canada): The Canadian Progressive Front is a right-wing political party in Canada. It is noted for being the first right wing party formed after the liberation of Canada from PEACE. The CPF also has a related military unit, The Praetors, which is loosely associated with them.

Until the next article and part 2. To be continued...