[Congress] Constitution of the eUK

Day 2,714, 15:35 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Speaker of the House

Constitution of the eUnited Kingdom
Written by a Sir Humphrey Appleby
Adopted by the eUK Congress, 26th April 2015

Preamble: This document concerns the use of national orgs & taxes; the dual relationship between the CP and the Dictator to the electorate and the course of action to take when one branch of government goes rogue (understood as deviating from this agreed framework).

This Act can be amended or repealed with a 51%+ result of the Congress vote, excluding abstentions/those that didn’t vote. Voting lasts 48 hours to avoid a low turnout.

Part 1: Appointment of a Dictator

a. A new Dictator can be nominated by any Party President with 10 sponsors from outside their party. This process will last 3 days to allow for campaigning. It is up to the candidates to verify their supporters with the current Dictator/CP and publish their nomination and campaign.

b. The candidates will then contest the position in a national referendum hosted by the CP/Supporting Congressman in an ingame article comment-based election lasting 2 days - the winner taking the Dictatorship after voters have been verified for UK Cit. A Re-Open Nominations option should be added.

c. The Dictator can resign at any time with 5 days notice, triggering a new election as soon as the notice begins.

d. The Dictator can be forced to automatically run against a prospective candidate should they have achieved the required level of support, triggering the 3 day nomination process for other prospective candidates to join the race.

e. In the event the leading candidate hasn’t achieved the minimum requirement of 10 sponsors for the required level of support when the election is due to begin, they and the second leading candidate will be put to election.

f. Elections cannot be called for a week after an election has been concluded unless there is an emergency defined in Part 4 of this Act. eUK Citizens are free to collect sponsorships and nominations for the next possibility.

Part 2: Dual responsibility of the CP and Dictator

a. The Country President is compelled to keep the elected Dictator completely informed about the day to day running of the government and proposed future policy.

b.The Country President is completely free to ignore the Dictator’s advice, however the Dictator is free to publish their advice as part of their electoral responsibility.

c.The Dictator can only request the banning of a CP after an impeachment vote from Congress AND it has been proven they have betrayed the eUK with 66% of the Congressional vote as if we were under a democracy.

d.The Country President cannot call for a democracy without a new dictatorial election and all prospective candidates failing to reach the minimum required level of support to run, or without this Act being repealed.
If a random liberation has been started then it is the duty of the CP and their government to support the current Dictatorship unless the resistance bonus is considered too high. If the dictatorship falls without this act being repealed then the government must organise a fresh coup as soon as the cooldown has expired.

e. The Dictator can only recommend the impeachment of the CP to Congress. They cannot prevent the day to day running of the government without an impeachment proposal from Congress.
Should an impeachment against the CP succeed, the Dictator will take on the responsibility of day to day government until the next CP election, when this enabling mandate will expire.

Part 3: Congress and the Dictator

a. Congress cannot directly remove the Dictator however a Congressman can stand against the Dictator in an election.

b. The Dictator is compelled to enforce Congress’s vote in ingame administration after reasonable consultation and a vote between MPs via Congressional messages.

c. The Dictator has the right to ask the CP to refuse a Congressman’s request to give someone citizenship. The Congressman can however directly appeal to the CP.

Part 4: When the Dictator goes rogue

a. Anyone can challenge the Dictator for their position at any time, and if defeated it is the duty of the incumbent Dictator to hand over the dictatorship MU to the winner, failing which they will be considered a traitor and deposed by the CP through an organised liberation.

b. Further, if the Dictator has been proven to break the restrictions set by this Act without it first being repealed, it is the duty of the CP to organise an immediate restoration to democracy.

c. Within a week of a deposed Dictator it is the duty of the CP of the day to organize fresh elections for the Dictatorship if this Act has not been repealed.

Votes are as follows

Aye - Appleby, Sambo, William Ross, Fight and Produce, Bruce Wayne, Mad Pauly, Cheetah, Lord of Bones, Nigel Farage, Karacticus, Mitzuno, Madelina, PerilousPanther, Certacito, THE EMPRAH, Aaron Mark Daniels, XLDJ, VoodooMike71, Adastros, Rathena Gelc, yurigavin, BaronChris, WookieO (23)

Nay - (0)

Abstain - Rory Winterbourne, Mr Woldy, Deepfryedmarsbar (3)

Voting is still ongoing, but the act has passed