[MT] How to fight a dictatorship ?

Day 2,713, 06:02 Published in Japan France by Hitoyoshi

こんにちは みなさん o/

As you can see, CtG and TLS will put a dictatorship in Japan. I knew it'll should happen after the try of Squibeel. But I suppose they made it to don't lose the power during the congress election and the possibility to give the CS pass.

Even if the battle for the democracy is just beginning, I don't think we've any chance against Serbia who defend his former citizens. So it's time to organize something and don't give our money to this dictatorship. In order to do it, we have to :

Limite/stop your "work as manager" (WaM)
As you know, the WaM allows the government to earn some money with the Work Tax (WT). Currently this WT is to 1% but I think they'll increase this to earn more money, steal our citizens and refund their MU for the CO.

Buy/Sell in another country
Since 3 days ago, the congressmen of TLS/CtG put high taxes for the food, the weapons and the Moving Tickets (even if nobody buys it). But we are able to avoid this laws. In order to succeed, we just have to move in another country without change our CS. This is the process :

1- Go to your profile.

2- Click on change for the location (#1)

3 - Choose a country to move (#2)

4- Choose a region (#3)

5- Click to move

NB : After the choice of country/region, you can see the travelling cost (#4) but you can move without to pay with the moving ticket you earned each week. You can ask to someone to give you a MT to move.

For the people who don't have other licence in another country, send me a PM 🙂

Don't work for CtG/TLS
We have to work together and don't work for the players who take your money with this high taxes. We'll give a job for everyone and don't support this dictatorship. Ask me if you want a job. I'll give you a good wage. Better than them.

Kind regards
~ 秀吉 ニコラス