[Root] Once and Forever

Day 2,703, 21:30 Published in Lithuania Switzerland by Walen II

Hello everyone!

It was 8 months ago, specifically at 20 July 2014, that Root was founded. The new alliance's goal was firstly make the member countries feel and build a true friendship, after all, these countries came from the proSirius group which was only a group of countries serving this alliance, but the unity in the group rarely existed.

Root's first months started with many turbulences, marked by 2 entrances and 2 exits in 3 months and a huge difference between the member countries, some in the top 20 of world's damage and others in the latest positions. But nothing that could be solved with team-work. And we did it.
Root became a alliance where the countries worked like real brothers, where different countries can coordinate together and fight together! Root's charter was never used against any country, mainly because real brotherhoods doesn't need rules to control its members but yes because a real brotherhood know how to coordinate itself thinking in the collectively.

It never was a big alliance, even less with big military power. But it was a united alliance. Root's small countries won battles against big empires around the world, with unity and loyalty we were able to win what people said would be impossible. Root was also one of the few alliance who didn't change its side at anytime of its history. We kept loyal to our allies till the end, even when some of them decided to betray us...

But well, unfortunately, after 8 months, I write this to oficially dissolve the Root alliance.
I would like to state that this decision was taken together by the last 5 members of the alliance: Switzerland, South Korea, Estonia, Slovakia and Georgia.

Usually the articles of alliance's dissolutions are sadness and talk about the problems that the alliance faced, but this is not what we are doing here. Root wasn't a perfect alliance, never! We had many problems, but problems which tried our best to solve together. Root also wasn't marked only by victories, but also for losses, losses which I'm sure we don't regreat. We always learn with losses, and Root learned with ours, we lost many battles together, but we also won many, and never alone. But this is not the goal of this article. First of all let me highlight the alliance is not being dissolved because military defeats or relationship problems, but yes because we face, and always faced, a big problem in finding people for the headquarters, and the other reason is of course the dictatorship update where 2 Root countries got TOed by rogue dictatorships in the first week.

Root's legacy in our member countries won't die, the relationship we built shall not end now because the alliance is dissolved and we won't let it die. Switzerland, South Korea, Estonia, Slovakia and Georgia has agreed to form the Root's Pact, which will be a pact to maintain the Root's flame alive in our countries by helping each other like if Root is still alive. It won't request any kind of charter, HQ and other things similar to alliances, it will be only a way to keep our countries together as a choice of every country who signed that. Remember that our IRC channel is still working and you can always visit us in #rootbattles to talk to our community.

It's not the first time and won't be the last, once a Root soldier, forever a Root soldier.

Hail Root!