The International Resistance

Day 2,660, 14:27 Published in Japan France by Hitoyoshi

Hello !

As everyone knows, Plato decided to implement a new module : Dictatorship. Since this update, some MUs tried to make some putsch. Currently, there are 20 dictators on eRepublik :

In red, the Real Dictatorship (RD) and, in orange, the Internal Dictatorship (ID)or the Civil War. So there are 3 RD in Switzerland, Malaysia and, now, Australia. And there are 3 ID in Italy, France and Greece.

In Switzerland and Malaysia, the dictator and his friends destroyed their community and adopted many laws to earn more money. And in Switzerland, they stolen the money. It's a shame.

Yesterday, eRoc is under a Civil War by Chile. And with the help of many players/countries, Taiwan are able to defend his country and won the campaign. So I think it'll be a nice idea to repeat this move but, this time, in the eWorld.

I'll explain what I'm trying to say. I would like to create an organisation which fight against the dictators around the eWorld. With the help of many players, I'm sure we are able to win against every dictatorship.

How to make it ? Easy, you just have to fill the form and I'll organize the liberations and the resistance in the different dictatorships. With the help of the citizens of these countries.

I'll contact you once you fill the form on the picture.

Say No to the Dictatorship !
Say Yes to the Freedom !
Let's go for the International Democratic Army (IDA) !

Kind regards
~ 秀吉 ニコラス