[Voice of Asteria] Goodbye Greece

Day 2,659, 15:29 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

Dear citizens of Asteria,

Tonight we want to announce that Greece will officially leave Asteria. Dictatorship feature allowed change of power in Greece for the first time a in year and they have used it to announce their departure from our alliance.

We have meet tonight with the Greek authorities and concluded the following points:

• Greece will not start any hostilities towards Asteria
• Greek dictatorship will not start, support or participate in any coups against Asteria countries
• Asteria will not start, support or participate in any coups in Greece
• Org with Asteria newspaper, Voice of Asteria, will still be used by the alliance for the time being

If the alliance judges that any of the above agreed is violated, we maintain the right to proclaim Greek authority as hostile.

Following the departure, The.Clairvoyant has given his resignation to his position in the HQ, since Greece is no longer member of the alliance.

We are sorry that Greece has decided to leave, but we wish them luck in whatever they choose to do from now on.

o7 Greece

Best regards,

Bogi, Asteria SoFA