[Voice of Asteria] Sweet victory

Day 2,652, 09:06 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

Greetings, citizens of Asteria!

So far, it has been a good month for Asteria. In January three of our members lost congress: Argentina, Brazil and China. China was without congress three months in a row. This month, they all have it. In addition, Chile and Spain don’t.

It's been a long time since Chile started terrorising members of Asteria. It landed in Europe at the beginning of 2014 and has beaten Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Greece. Three months ago, China was wiped in joint effort of Chile, Croatia and Turkey. Last month, Argentina and Brazil have fallen as well.

And finally, time has came for a revenge. A plan was forged to free Argentina and Brazil of Chilean threat. Brazil has granted passage over its territories to Serbia. Immediately Chilean press became full of articles about Serbia. Argentina started winning all battles as Serbia was getting closer. Fear crept into the bones of Chileans, and they tried to save themselves by hiding in Peru. They have failed, as Peru was able to repel their attack.

The final step was to conquer the remaining two regions and defend the RW which was supposed to be raised in Argentina. Chile put all their bets on the RW. They have tried, but gave up after a few rounds. The result:

Serbia holds one Chile region, while four are occupied by Argentina. Thank you Chile, it was a good fight!

We were able to win on another front, as China is completely free this month and is making Turkey retreat. Croatian empire has fallen, and they have been removed from Brazil and Canada at the beginning of the month, and then kicked from China into India. After three months without freedom, China is finally free.

Thanks everyone who participated in these wars!

Other news:

* After Resources War, Serbia was the first Asteria country to have all resources (15/15). Romania followed a few days later, so now two of our members have full bonus. They have been providing a great support in all wars against Chile and Turkey, and their mobility has especially been important for the RWs;
* Serbia has renewed its NAP with Italy;
* Leto has been dissolved just a few days before its first birthday;
* Slovenia is resetting determination in its regions in Italy and is contributing to alliance fights every day;
* Serbia managed to deny congress to Spain;
* Brazil has managed to conquer core regions of Paraguay, though they still have a chance to have congress in Israel;
* Greece is on the way to once again take congress of its arch-enemy, and they need help of Asteria to do it.

Don’t forget, if you want to talk to us, you can find us on our public channel:

In the end, let’s greet all our members:

Hail Argentina
Hail Brazil
Hail China
Hail Greece
Hail Romania
Hail Serbia
Hail Slovenia

Until the next time,

Bogi, Asteria SoFA