FF vs TP – profit comparison

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It’s been some time since I released my “Profit comparison” article and few things have changed. Weapons and food are more expensive, FF medal gives 1000cc instead of gold and - the most importantly - Plato changed amount of HP needed for 1 kill. After some researches and with help of few other people, I’ve managed to, more or less, count it.

This number for higher divisions (Div 3 and 4) is ~2.65 and I will use it for my calculations.
(It’s even more than 2.65 for lower divisions, but they’re not really freedom fighter hunters - at least they shouldn’t be - so I don’t consider data from D1 and D2).
This number was "2" before. So, from 2 to 2.65, it's really a big change.

I won’t count Mercenary medal profit, because noone hunts this medal alone, I will count just few ways to “close” this medal.

This time I’m assuming that while chasing FF you only use tickets received from Plato, so flying cost is decreased to 0.

Q7 weapon price - 6cc
Q2 food price - 0.11cc
Hits needed for kill - 2.65
Flying cost - 0
Gold price - 220cc

1. FF with Q7

As you can see, it’s a lot less profitable now, and a lot more time consuming than last time.
You actually lose money on 7 medals now (with 3 previously). Of course, it’s still profitable to do a complete cycle.

2. FF with bazooka

No big changes here. Food is more expensive, travel money decreased, so of course it’s still the most profitable way, but who can afford spending 2600 bazookas on 1 cycle?

3. TP with Q7

The border, when TP with Q7 is starting to be profitable, is a little higher than last time.
If you fight without dmg boosters, you need to have 80k hit to make a profit on TP.
With 50% booster you need to have 55k hit to make a profit on TP.

4. TP with Q0

TP starts being profitable without weapon around 25000hit (so around 70k strength). If you have less than 70k strength, you will pay more for food than earn from medal.

5. Mercenary with Q7

1st option 45/50 flags, 5 flags to finish - profit 810cc
2nd option 40/50 flags, 10 flags to finish - profit 520 cc
3rd option 35/50 flags, 15 flags to finish - profit 230 cc

As I mentioned earlier - just few ways to ‘close’ this medal. We all know it’s not profitable to hunt it from 0.

6. Comparison

It’s a little complicated, so let me explain.
I’ve compared it all to “FF with Q7”. You need 206700hp to finish it. So, with the same amount of HP, instead of doing the whole FF cycle (24 medals), you can finish X times the other ways. For example, you have 125k hit with Q7 and (without dmg booster ofc) you can have almost 26 TP medals.

It means that TP is more profitable than FF for people with hit around 110k. So, basically, TP is now better way for stronger players.

Using damage booster only makes the difference bigger.

1. If you have a lot bazookas, still the best for you is to do FF with bazookas.

2. If you don’t have bazookas:
- and you fight with Q7
TP becomes more profitable than FF around 110k hit
With 140k hit TP is more than 2 times better than FF
TP becomes profitable around 80k hit (before 80k hit you lose on weapons and food)
- you fight with Q0
TP becomes profitable around 25k hit

3. Closing mercenary gives:
5 flags - 810cc
10 flags - 520 cc

4. There’s a 6k cc profit from the whole FF cycle (on 7 medals you lose money)

5. If new tournament will change Q7 and food prices, nothing here will really change, both TP and FF require weapons and food. You will just earn less on them. The main change, the purpose of this article, is new hp/kill formula.

If you have any suggestions or you see some mistakes I made – just let me know.

Yours, Dryblas