[Voice of Asteria] New HQ

Day 2,639, 13:10 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

Greetings, citizens of Asteria!

After some break, The Voice of Asteria is working again. New HQ elections were held on February 8, so let's present it.

SG: Manu Cab

Secretary General for the second time (first being in September 2014), Manu has shown true leadership and diplomacy skills. He was MoFA of Argentina six time, as well as it's President once. He has already increased alliance activity compared to the last few months.

dSG: googoodoll

This mighty lady is Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania for the eight time this month. Besides that, she was Vice-President once and Minister of Finance four times. Commander of one of the greatest units of Romania, Legiunea Umbrelor (Shadow Legion).

SoFA: Bogohulja

While I wanted to take a break from politics and alliance administration, as I have been in several HQs for long time, the call of duty to work again for this storm-tossed alliance was way too strong for me to ignore. Unfortunately, alliance kept fading with lack of communication, central commandment, member cooperation. This had to be stopped. This is why Manu's invitation to be his SoFA was not just a pleasure...

dSoFA: The.Clairvoyant

Clair is one of the most experienced players in the HQ. He was engaged in EDEN HQ in both military and diplomatic activities. He was also Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece. Well-respected person in Greece and beyond.

dSoFA: Gunner.

Gunner. is the actual eBrazilian MoFA. His experience in a lot of Brazilian governments makes him be one of the most important men in eBrazil. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence of Brazil a few times. Also deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs in October 2014.

SC: CornelB

President of Romania in April 2014, MoD of Romania multiple times, and commander of FAR. He was also SC/dSC of Asteria many times. One of the hardest workers around.

dSC: SmoothZiga

Ziga is well-known oldfag from Slovenia: he was nine-times President of Slovenia and many times its Minister of Foreign Affairs. Also HQ member of ONE, TWO and Asteria. This month we'll be putting to test his military prowess.

dSC: mlena

Former President of Slovenia and its MoD or vCP many times. Almost an inventory in the HQ. She has been in every Asteria's HQ since March 2014.

dSC: Ariel MAteu

President of Argentina in August 2014, and many times its Minister of Defense. Also member of EDEN MC team and SC or dSC of Asteria for the major part of its existance. He's currently spending a break from MoD duties in Romania.

dSC: adsyo

Argentina’s former Minister of Defense and a military brainiac. He was in the HQ many times, another inventory here.

dSC: Van Sebe

Van Sebe is very-well known in Serbia as a good journalist, specialising in war analyses. He was member of Ministry of Information and adviser of Ministry of Defence of Serbia a few times. Also member of military team of Asteria in June 2014.

dSC: pierrotmon

While he wasn't active for the most of his e-life, pierrotmon became popular in Serbia in September last year for his work in Ministry of Defense. His area of expertese is military planning, so he'll surely be able to contribute a lot to the alliance. It's his first time in the HQ.

Don’t forget, if you want to talk to us, you can find us on our public channel:

Until the next time,
Bogi, Asteria SoFA