In memory of friends departed

Day 167, 11:06 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Suspended

Today I come to you bearing memories of our fallen comrades. For I am in rememberance for those dearly departed Pakis who died serving the country they loved. It was late November when the few of us, a ragtag group of nomads wandering the plains stumbled across a man. Until that point our lives had no meaning, then he spoke to us - "My name is Dio Brando, and I have come to build a nation."

Dio stayed with us, allowing us to join him in this plight. We would be free from trouble, and most of all we would have Pride. The place we began was called Pakistan. A beautiful place it was when we arrived, an untouched paradise of all the finest sands and rocks. Why, there was even a tree! I remember those days well, we were young and inexperienced alongside our God Emperor, we started businesses, we built friendships. We had comradery. Things were going brilliantly, the small desert colony we had started with was rapidly becoming the mighty nation Dio had spoken of to us that fateful first meeting deep within the dunes. Our expansion was glorious, as more and more Pakistanis were summoned forth from the sands we knew we were part of something grand.

Some saw our progression as too grand however. We had just complete construction of our first fully functioning weapons cache, stocked with the finest military inventions the world had yet seen. But the world would see, the world was about to see very clearly the power of Pakistan. It was then disaster struck, the malevolant beings known as 'admins' crippled our advances, holding us fast within the confines of our mighty stronghold. We were taught a lesson of humility that day, and with it came a revelation of the God Emperor's - we were not to destroy and instill fear, but rather peace. We must go forth and deliver peace unto the world.

Unfortunately the admins had also carried with them a contagion known as the sandplague. The symptoms were slow at first but they reared their heads eventually, taking with them several of our finest men. The brothers I had travelled with to this land were fading before my very eyes. I remember walking home late one night with Guy. He was quiet, and his body weak, he refused to acknowledge anything, but i could see something was wrong. jkd003 swore to me that things would be ok, but they never were. We both knew the inevitable truth. Our brothers had left this plane.
In time some would come to denounce the sandplague as mere myth, and call these men traitors, and deserters. Not I, I called them friends, and friends they will again be should they ever return to us from their graves.

So I ask of you Pakistanis, to take a moment to remember your fallen comrades. Such legends of Pakistanis history as 403forbidden, Idort, Guy, and my own lover Raxahiro. Heroes such as yurihotgurl, Roberto Curlington, Greyth and many others.

Hold their spirits lose to your hearts Pakis, for they died working toward what they they always believed in - the nation of Pakistan. A place for the proud, a place for peace and harmony, a place all can hold their heads aloft and say with the strongest convictions of their heart, the anthem of the Pakistani dream: