Baby Bucket Challenge – V2

Day 2,617, 13:26 Published in Serbia Serbia by Bogi

First of all, may Helen burn in hell for re-starting this damn baby bucket challenge 😛

Anyway, Cornel challenged me to give 5 gold to three babies. Since I didn't do it within 24 hours, and I didn't want to give 30 gold to the fag, I sent 10 gold to babies instead.

1. beganija

2. Amir GH

3. Petsku (a.k.a. The Baby Finn)

I now challenge three more persons to either give 5 gold to 3 babies in the next 24 hours or send me 30 gol😨
* The greatest evil around, FHK;
* My mistress, Blondie;
* Another slave of Blondie, Epi.