-7-7-7- on the Plato Poker Machine

Day 2,557, 09:36 Published in Romania Romania by GeoHal
At eRepublik's 7th Anniversary Fictional Online Characters Party in Thecountryoffictionalerepublikcharactersorthecountrywheredinosaursgotodie:

Plato: When I look at this, I don't see a mere browser game. I see the potential for literature and art, empires and kingdoms! I see real life problems between nations put aside! I see players developing their economic and politic skills. I see people interacting in a sublime way and making real friends in the New World.
I see…

Lana: Perhaps your visual subroutines are malfunctioning.

So, this is my “77 words and 7 line story” for the 7TH Anniversary Community Contest on the game forum 🙂. I hope a hit a 777 on the Plato Poker Machine and be the first one to get gold from him. Wish me luck!