7 phrases - 7Th Anniversary Community Contest

Day 2,557, 01:15 Published in Poland Hungary by Swoosh.

With the following short story, I would like to participate in the 7Th Anniversary Community Contest.

I will comment the link to this article on the Forum as well.

I placed all my Energy Bars to Safe Storage, so I won't accidentally use them, when I don't want to.
Then I went to the Military Campaign list, and I saw all my Mercenary Kill Counters for each country.
I moved to Poland, using a q2 ticket, and it didn't take the usual -3 energy for the move.
For Germany, I had zero kills, so I started hitting the Fight button, and on each kill, I saw a Live Kill Counter, this way I knew I will not hit 24 or 26 instead of 25.
After 25 kills, I remembered that I actually need 50 for the Freedom Fighter medal, so I clicked on the "Kill 25 enemies button", because the battle score is still under 1400.
I was done fighting, so I wrote an article to check out the the new "Embed Youtube videos" feature in the Edit Article.

But then, I woke up, and realized, that none of those features are real, it was just a bad dream.