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Good morning all of you beautiful people. I trust you are enjoying your regularly scheduled clicking. Today I'd like to drop some history on you, specifically how the USAF were created. I'd like to walk your through the formation as well as the different MU's that now comprise his great MU. And by the end, I hope you will have a better understanding of why our National MU is your best line of defense in any war that may come to our shores.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

There was an institution called the eUS Military (lead by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and commonly referred to as the JCS military). This was the national Army for these eUnited States of America. The eUS military was ruled by a council of Joint Chiefs who were in turn lead by the Chairman of the JCS, which directed the majority of the influence done by the US in our battles. There were other militias, but the bulk of the damage came from the JCS. When it was apparent that the goals of the JCS and the Executive branch were no longer aligned, they parted ways, amicably. Our then Secretary of Defense, Avruch, was then tasked with the job of creating a new Military structure from the ground up. This new structure would have one striking new feature. The Commander would be the CP. This distinction has proven useful, when timing and coordination are of the utmost importance.

The USAF was formed and two separate but unified MU's rose. For clarification, the term MU did not arise until later, but it simplifies things to refer to them as MU's for discussion purposes. The first was the Air Force, the core of the new military structure, D1-D3. The second was the SPECIAL FORCES, which would become the D4. This unit was to be the hammer with which we would destroy any round of any battle we wished. This was the shining light in the newly formed military structure, and became one of the most powerful MU's in the world. I'm a little misty eyed, as I helped organize and enjoyed many glorious battles with my brothers in the SF. PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE!!! Later, we added Rogue Squadron, which was to be the backbone of D3, with the Air Force rounding out the divisions and Flight Training being the training program.

Before the USAF, the military loosely followed the will of the Executive. There were times when the commanders followed the direction of the CP to the letter, and there were times when the commanders chose to prioritize a different set of battles of their choosing. When you are fighting, the best military strategy does nothing if the troops do not execute. Therefore, when the USAF was created and the CP was placed in charge, the US was more confident in her ability to execute her plans. Geopolitics played a role in the decisions of many commanders, but now the main influence of the United States was under the direct control of the Country President.

Over time, it became apparent that consolidation would be beneficial, as we grew to understand the power of the MU DO. The ability to set the order for hundreds of fighters at one click is just too damned convenient, and I argue effective. For comparison, just look at the Polish Civil Army. It has 2,491 members, with the CP at the helm. That is exactly what I'm talking about. It's kills are over 130,000; with the number two way behind at 32,000. Consider the efficacy of directly this many soliders in battle, and you will begin to understand why the USAF is your national MU.

The USAF was born out of the consolidation of the Air Force, Rogue Squadron, Flight Training, Ultramarines, and Special Forces. Each had their own core function, but when combined became more effective than just the sum of its parts. We are more effective in battle today than when these fives MU's fought seperately. We are more able to defend the USA than when we were more fragmented.

I'm not going to bash private MU's at all. But, I will tell you that the supplies your receive from the USAF are outstanding. When our allies and foes see our DO and CotD focused beside or against them, they feel it. The feel the full weight of a focused, empowered, and robust fighting machine.

Long live the private MU.

Long live the USAF.

Long live the USA.


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