BUG republik (updated)

Day 2,527, 08:31 Published in Croatia Croatia by Romper 3

Every tournament same fckn story, FIX BUGS then organize tournaments.

I made over 22000 PP

and should have refill 140 + 30 (had powerpack) = 170, but still have refill 80 and time goes on and nobody answer on ticket

and don't spam my inbox with this, one bugged game is enough

UPDATE: After almost all day when I reached 25000 powerpoints my refill jump from 80 to 100 ?????, few minutes later after logoff/logon refill jumped to 180 as should to be.

This morning Plato send us a msg

"Yesterday we also received reports that players could not activate certain rewards in the late stage of the milestones. This was caused by the fact that the Prestige Points shown on the banner was not correct."

This is not true. Prestige Points shown on my banner was over 29k pp, but on list I can see real pp maded and was over 22k pp, and I didnt pick up most of refill rewards.

THX for reading