[Voice of Asteria] SG's address

Day 2,524, 05:10 Published in Greece Romania by Asteria HQ

Greetings, citizens of Asteria!

There are several things I wanted to say to you, and I thought that it would be better if I addressed you directly. I feel like communication level between the alliance HQ and citizens wasn't high enough these months, and that made us estranged and distant from each other. Many citizens don't even know who are members of the HQ, or why are they elected for their positions. I will now present my HQ and write a few words about their careers here.

SG: Bogohulja

Talking about myself is the hardest, so I want to get done with it right away. I was mostly engaged in Serbia and Montenegro, as MoFA, MoEd, MoInf and MoD team member. I have also been in the Asteria HQ for the last few months.

dSG: turturica

Turtu is a person I fully trust and rely on about doing important tasks. She was MoFA or Romania a few times, MoFA of China a lot of times, and currently President of Romania, as well as 2nd commander of FAR (the biggest unit in Romania). She was also long time member of EDEN HQ, as commander of EDEN Mobile Corps or Military Commander.

SoFA: Manu Cab

Manu is another person I trust greatly. He has been MoFA of Argentina five times, and was its President in February. Last month SG and now SoFA for the fifth time, so an expert in Foreign Affairs department. He's dependable and has been giving me much support so far.

dSoFA: The.Clairvoyant
I've only met Clair last month, when he was MoFA of Greece. We've talked a lot and I thought that he could be a valuable member of the HQ. And it has proven to be true, he has been of great help, even if it's been a week only since the HQ elections. He has a lot of experience, being in EDEN HQ a few times, as dSG or part of EMC leadership.

dSoFA: SmoothZiga
Ziga is from Slovenia, but has also been involved in international politics: active since 2009, he's been President of Slovenia nine times, MoFA of Slovenia many, many times, as well as Director of International Affairs of ONE, deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs of TWO and of Asteria. So, another expert in FA.

Military team


President of Slovenia in February this year and its MoD countless times. Almost an inventory in the HQ. She has been SC or dSC without a break since March.


President of Romania in April this year, MoD of Romania multiple times, and commander of famous FAR. Also an inventory in the HQ, being there since March.

Ariel MAteu

President of Argentina in August this year, and many times Minister of Defense. Also member of EDEN MC team and SC or dSC of Asteria for the major part of the year. During his term a pact very much loved by the Europeans, TETAS, was broken.


Argentina’s former Minister of Defense. He was first member of the HQ during Didey’s first SC term (in March), and has remained in the HQ mostly since.


An oldfag, he has lived through PEACE, Phoenix, ONE, TWO and now Asteria. He was deputy Military Commander and Advisor in ONE, deputy Supreme Commander in TWO, many times MoD of Serbia and Commander of the elite Front of Heroes. First time in the Asteria HQ.

PR: AsteriosC

Our dear PR for months, Asterios has been widely recognised for his writing style and proficiency in English. I believe there’s no need to say much about him, as you have been in contact with his work directly.

In the past two months, there were many talks of alliances falling apart and new ones coming. I can assure you that’s not happening so soon, and I believe all country leaders of Asteria agree with me. There were many rumors, like TWO vs CoT or ONE vs EDEN. While some might plan it or hope for it, while it might be some countries’ only chance of salvation, it’s in the past, and should stay in the past. We have all made new friends, and some bonds can’t but cut down so easily. New allies can be made, but current Asteria members shall remain faithful to each others, no matter what.

Sadly, one of our core members is wiped. We are sorry for it China. This is a difficult situation for you. In times like this, it’s important not to despair, not to lose confidence. Whatever may happen, it won’t last forever.

I have introduced a few rules in this term. All countries are obligated to follow orders (which the HQ is checking regularly if they are placed correctly). If orders are not in place, country will not be supported during its own campaigns. Also, I’ll be making activity report, which I hope I won’t have to make public, as all countries seem to be doing fine now. Besides that, any country starting unannounced wars will not be supported. We are alliance, we work as one, so everything must be coordinated. If someone wants to do solo, they are free to do it, but they shouldn’t rely on everyone cancelling their own plans because of it.

Thanks everyone who read the article. Until the next time,
Bogi, Asteria SG