[DoE] Back in Action

Day 2,509, 19:51 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Hello eUSA! As some of you may have noticed, there was a lull in the Department of Education activity this past month. Our president Tyler Bubblar has made some changes in the cabinet which involved a replacing of the Secretary of Education. With that being said; I, MrCarey, would like to formally announce my acceptance into the DoE as the new Secretary of Education.

I’ve gone and revamped the entire staff. Those who were in DoE who proved to still be interested have been kept, and new faces have been added in place of those I’ve dropped. My first goal as the new SoE (after I started getting a reliable staff together) was to get the Question of the Day “program” back in action and reward people for their correct answers. Those who have answered the QotD in the past few days have received their supplies and I promise you can count on a reliable distribution of food from here on out, as long as I’m in charge.

My second goal is to work with Scott Coyle and get the DoE website moved and revamped. One of my biggest gripes with the current website is that you can’t link indivdual pages. For instance, the address for the QotD is the same as the address for the main page, which is the same as the address for job applications, etc.

My third goal is to eliminate the DoE forums that honestly, seem counter intuitive and inefficient. One of the biggest places of interaction among the people of eUSA is the eUSA Forums. To have a separate forum for the DoE instead of a sub-board in the official eUSA Forums seems terribly inneficient. I beleive the main task for the DoE is to get new players educated with how the game works and get them involved within the eUSA. To send them to a forum that is ultimately a temporary source of information, and then send them to the eUSA Forums to register a new account there as well is just bad design. Not to mention, Erica pretty much encompases the entire point of the current DoE forum.

My fourth goal for the DoE is to get the American University back in action. I’ve put David MacDaniel in the Dean’s Seat and he will be ehading this program. For this program to work, we need Mentors. These mentors will be working along side new players to get them educated and settled into the game so they can become self sufficient and take their eLives into their own hands. I will have another article on this program next week.

So there it is eAmerica… the new plan for the revitalization of the Department of Education. This department is a crucial piece to the eUSA government machine. It helps get the new players settled and helps eliminate the sometimes overwhelming amount of stuff this game has. It’s an extremely important peice of the puzzle and I intend to take that level of importance and make sure the DoE does not fade into the background again (for as long as I remain the SoE). Help spread the word that the DoE is back in business by voting this article, and don’t forget to vote in the upcoming Presidential Elections!

Secretary of Education, eUSA
Party President, We The People
Congressman, eUSA - WTP