[CP] NAP with eRoC

Day 2,498, 10:56 Published in Japan France by Hitoyoshi

こんにちは みなさん o/

During many days we're trying to make a NAP with eRoC to be sure to have a country and a congress. We wanted to have the right to make any MPPs we want. Now it's done and we've finally found an agreement :

Japan will have one region only, Shihkoku. If Japan has gained other regions other than Shihkoku, eJapan has the duty to propose NE against eROC and loss the whole series. eROC will start RW to return Shihkoku to eJapan. The timing of proposing law or starting RW to return Shihkoku would be further discussed.

When eROC needs to reset bonus, eJapan has the duty to propose NE against eROC. the progress is as above.. And finally Shihkoku would be returned to eJapan.

For MPPs, eJapan could sign any one not in LETO/ASTERIA.
For LETO/ASTERIA MPPs, eJapan could sign eSerbia at any time, eJapan could also sign eHungary and ePortugal after eROC has reset bonus this month.
Other LETO/ASTERIA MPPs who have already signed MPP eROC, eJapan is not allowed to signed. For those have no MPP with eROC. We will have to discuss one by one. eROC would not ban eJapan’s congress.

I've talked a lot with the CP of eRoC and he was understanding with me and I would like to thank him. Now we have a NE against eRoC. We'll lose the battle and they'll invade us. But after it, they will give back Shikoku. In the same time, eRoC would like to reset determinations in eJapan. So fight in the RW (Chubu) and be ready to launch Kanto after the end of Chubu. And finish by Kinki. You can ignore the direct war against eRoC.

Now I'm free to answer to your questions 🙂

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~ 秀吉 ニコラス