[WHPR Day 2496] Think Big

Day 2,496, 22:25 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2496]Think Big

Dateline: Saturday, September 20th, 2014 (Day 2496)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: American Hero: The Mike
: 2: A sit down with VampireA - eRomania
: 3: Congress Basics
: 4: War Maps
: 5: Musings of a Has-Been
: 6: Colbert's America
: 7: Writing Contest

Editor: Secretary of Media SColbert
Contributors: Deputy Secretaries of Media: MrCarey, and ErrOrka, Writers: Alexander_Auctoritas, Blande, and dmjohnston

American Hero: The Mike

For well over a year, Th Mike has been a fixture in our government. Holding roles mainly in the National Security Council (NSC) and spending two terms as White House Chief of Staff.

For over a year, there has been nothing done in the National Security sector that The Mike has not had a hand in. He has dedicated countless hours in ensuring that our beloved country can stand firm in the eWorld.

As current Co-Chairman of the NSC, The Mike has risen to the top of his chosen path in our government, and is applying all the skills and experience he has picked up along the way to making us all safe and prosperous.

There are hardly more people qualified for this American Hero award than The Mike, based on the amount of effort and contributions he has put in for the best of eUS.

The Mike's current Co-Chairman John nwp had this to say about him:

The Mike and I have shared being the boss of NSC for the past couple months now. The Mike lives in Europe while I live in the US (in real life), so when one is asleep, the other is up and helping defend the eUS. If I am not able to finish a job before I go to sleep many times when I wake up it is completed. The Mike has been an important part of building and communicating battle plans to the eUS and its MUs.

The past few months have gone well the eUS and Pacifica. We faced and stopped a major attack on the US, two major attacks on Russia, helped Latvia defeat its major enemy, among other stuff. Without The Mike's help it would have been much harder to have done this.

I spoke to a few other people who have had the pleasure to either serve with The Mike or follow his career. Here is what they had to say:

The Mike is a true hero in the classic American tradition. He is hard working, dependable, reliable, and dedicated. He's served tirelessly in the NSC for many years now, as well as being a quality officer in the ultramarines and then the USAF. He's been a critical component of WTP and is an integral part of the American community. - Oblige

He's always willing to help people when they need it and he's a reliable political worker. - MrCarey

He’s a great eAmerican. There, done.Evry

A sit down with VampireA - eRomania

I see this is your second term, congratulations 🙂 Do you plan to continue the programs and plans you set for yourself and eRomania in your previous period? Or do you have something brand new for your country?

Not quite, I really gained a lot of experience since my last term so I will have a better month, a more organized one with better results. First term I had little experience and it was really hard till I learned a few things. I learned more about mechanics, I know it

really well now, compared to my 1st term. Also learned a lot about negotiating with other countries and other governments, and what people are the best choice for my team and what I need. I will use all that to make this term one to be remembered.

Tell me about your cabinet, how did you choose them? Did you settle the same people you worked with in your first term?

No, I have brand new people. In my 1st term I had a few people that I didn't know so it took a while till we got along. This cabinet however, is formed of people I know, people I trust and people I can work togheter.
I am coming from a small party (42 Tea Party). We are a group of friends that wanted to do something new, something different in politics.

I assume you've held other positions under others' presidency before you had the chance, or wanted the chance to become the leader of eRomania. What were these positions? Tell me about your experiences.

Not really. I was only vMoD in some terms for other presidents. I really liked the miltary module, and that's why I started. Didn't have any experience in foreign affairs or education. Not the writer type, I am pretty lazy at writing.
I'm most motivated about the wars, tactics. The economics on the other hand.. It's a pretty elaborate module and has many in common with the military. A country with good economics also has a huge military power. The reason: Combat Orders.

Tell me about your first few days of your term.

The 1st few days were awesome.. wasn't expecting so much implication and coordination. I have a young team and a few experienced people but the young ones are delighted and eager for their 1st experience in a government. Trust me that they are working hard ..always

having someone active on the channels with the orders or at the foreign affairs team to watch what is happening in the other countries. So I am delighted overall.

If you're up to it, you can talk about your RL 🙂

Sure, a few details won't be bad.
My name is Andrei, I am from Romania, 21 years old. My birthplace is Vaslui but currently I am going to college in Iasi.
I am studying Veterinary Medicine and just entered the 3rd year out of 6 🙂
I also have some hobbies, like sports 🙂 I played handball for like 7-8 years while in school/highschool.

How did you come up with your nickname?

The nick VampireA.. I think you heard about all the stories from Romania about Vampires and Dracula. Well.. I really loved those stories and I love anything associated with vampires.. games, books, films.
So I chose it since I was like 14 year old and playing Counter Strike. And the A at the end is from my 1st name of course.

How did you get into erepublik?

A friend told me about it in 21 december 2008.. I really was intrigued.. tried it and loved it. Entered my military unit (Soimii Patriei) on the 1st day of the game. They had huge role in keeping me playing 🙂
And the best part.. after 5 years of playing I met a lot of them.. we had a meeting in Rasnov last year when I 1st saw them.. and we continued this year also.

Tell me about eRomania's most important, the best and strongest MUs either national or regular or private.

We have a lot of power MUs.. I think it wouldn't be fair to give an example of only one 🙂
Every unit has it's powerful soldiers and every unit is helping as much as they can and I am really proud with these MUs, as they are really helping us when we have a request.

What do you think about eRomania's position in Asteria? We all know about the Hun/Rom tension, and you being both in Asteria feels like a ticking bomb.

True, but that doesn't mean we can't work together. Every time there were problems both sides were guilty. We will try to do our best.
eRomania is eager to help the alliance requesting help back. My personal opinion: I am sure this alliance would be stronger with a better organization and with better communication between the stronger countries.
We are a bunch of really powerful countries, but we can do more great things if we learn to communicate better and help each other more 🙂

Congress Basics

Hey everyone! MrCarey here, and today I would like to cover the topic of congress with you all. Believe it or not, congressional elections are just around the corner already! If you are interested in either joining congress or remaining in congress, let your party president know and find out what needs to be done to get signed up and on the ballot. For those of you who aren’t sure what congress does in this crazy game we play, I’ve got a special treat for you!

What you see on the surface of this game in eUSA is there because of congress. Our enemies, our wars and current battles, our tax rates, all of that and more. Most of the congressional work takes place off-site in the forums and IRC. Anything that has become a ‘thing’ in game has been discussed, proposed, and voted on by congress.

Who remembers this guy?

When someone has an idea they’d like to see manifest into an actual condition in-game, it starts off as a discussion. As a discussion, members of congress weigh in on their opinions of the topic and whether or not it is viable and should be considered as a proposal. After ample discussion and being deemed suitable for a proposal, it is proposed to members of congress.The proposal is then posted and must be approved by 10 members of congress. Once the proposal is approved, it is put up for a vote. For a vote to pass, the quorum must be met and the vote must be successful. If both conditions of the vote are met, it is then transferred in-game and voted on within the game and again, if passed, is put into effect.

So as you can see, it takes a lot of work for an idea to transform into an actual “product”. Every tax, donation, minimum wage value, currency print, and natural enemy declaration is made by congress. Congress also has the power of impeachment and has the say (with the authority of IES) of who is granted citizenship into eUSA. Our wonderful Department of Education created a great article regarding congress and how it works. If you’d like to know some more, I suggest you check that out.

Again, if this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of, please get in touch with your party leadership members and find out what the steps are in your party to becoming a eUSA Congress(wo)man! The official elections are on the 25th, so act diligently!

War Maps

Hello all you beautiful ladies and gentlemen in the eWorld.

Let's take a look at the world from the eUSA's Military outlook.

We have an open war with France, at the moment. We are only in the second battle, but it looks like the eUSA will roll, easily. Personally, I enjoy beating up on the French. They do fight very hard in their RW's, though, so it's a constant struggle. We have the two regions we wish to keep in Japan, so they can take Chugoku back. Thanks.

Our 'friends' in the eUK have done some great work against eSweden. They've managed to win five battles and are working on their sixth. The Swedes are fighting very hard in Gotland, at this time. It is pretty much tied up. I can't blame them, though. I'd be fighting tooth and nail if I only had two regions, as well.

Beloved ePakistan is doing well against Israel, after a successful Air Strike. They have won two battles and are working on their third, winning quite handsomly at this time. Incidently, Pakistan has all of her core regions. I'm guessing it is just a determination reset, but it's still beautiful to see the homeland whole, even if for just a little while.

The eNetherlands are about to wipe eNorway? Really?! eNL has won the first battle and are winning the deciding one, easily, right now. Perhaps they've already accomplished the feat of wiping eNorway, but kudos to one of the smaller nations in the eWorld doing splendidly.

Meanwhile, Croatia and Chile are mopping up the floor with India and Peru, respectfully.

It's pretty quiet from the eUSA perspective. Sure, there's other wars going on, but the whole point is for us to stay out of as much as possible. From the Azazelian Doctrine to the Wild Owl Imperialism, to the DMJ diplomacy; we've managed to keep our business focused and take care of what needs to be taken care of. Tyler and his team are ensuring that we have as many resources as possible, while balancing our ability to help our allies, beautifully. Job well done.

Keep up the excellent work and keep GOING FAST.

Meanwhile, America, keep shaking that ASS.

Musings of a Has-Been

This edition, I’ll be taking things a big more eRep related.

Not being POTUS is pretty great when it comes to not needing to pay attention to the political climate in game as much. I of course throw my opinions in here and there, even if not requested, but that’s my prerogative as a former POTUS.

A couple of days ago, the President of Poland, a country we have fought alongside for the last several months, since the formation of Sirius, released an article in which he referred to several of our close allies and even 2 of his fellow Sirius members, and the glorious eUnited States of America as “subhumans” and accused some nations of intercourse with sheep.

Change is in the air, eAmerica. It’s easy to sense. The Polish government only has a few concerns in this eWorld.

1) Bonuses. The bonus situation for much of Sirius isn’t great lately, including Poland’s BFF, Spain. Spain is wiped right now.

2) Buddying up to Serbia. I mentioned that Spain is Poland’s BFF (SPOLAND, blah blah blah). But instead of using their epic (and meaningless) Empire status to free their closest ally from oppression, they are signing non-aggression pacts and soon mutual protection pacts with them!

Nope, that’s everything.

People give the eUS a lot of crap about our reliability as an ally. But you can ask countries like Russia (Hail RUSA!), Latvia, Albania, Mexico, etc., and you get a much different story. The truth is, a good alliance or friendship is a two-way road. Poland complains about bad allies because it is itself a bad ally.

This has been the Musings of a Has-Been. I’m dmjohnston asking, “Who told you you could eat my cookies?!”

Colbert's America

Hello America,

I am sure we can all agree the USA is the greatest country to have ever graced this world with its existence. Americans have accomplished great things. From conquering the Moon, to our experiments with deep fried butter, we are truly a great nation of innovators. That said, even the greatest nation to have ever existed needs its allies. For the past couple of months Poland has been in just such a role to us. Recently though the President of Poland published an article claiming us Americans to be subhuman and have a long list of unforgivable sins.

I don't know about you America, but I don't treat my friends like trash. Poland has chosen to cozy up to Serbia at the expense of those who have helped her these past few months. Poland has abandoned their long time ally Spain as well in this betrayal. While the world and its alliance structure may be changing, one thing has become apparent will remain constant. Poland's disregard for its allies.

Now I know many of you do not know what or where Poland is, because geography. I have to admit I myself know very little about the country. Thankfully though my town hosts Polish Town, USA, so I was able to get a better look at this strange culture, and to better understand those that call us subhuman.

Upon approaching the natives I was greeted with many men wishing to put their kielbasa in my mouth. I later learned this did not in fact mean they wished to engage in oral sex, but really an invitation to share their spicy meat. At the time though it led to much misunderstanding with me exclaiming "No like men." To which they decided to introduce me to their most exquisite beauty.

They asked me to marry the woman, and I briefly considered so I could further infiltrate their society. In the end though I decided my wife might consider it infidelity, so I passed up the opportunity. At this point I decided to leave, as people started to break out in their native song.

Writing Contest

The Media Dept is excited to continue our writing contest! This contest is running with the hope of encouraging an increase in media activity. The prizes are as follows:

1st prize: 15 Gold and 500 Q7 Tanks
2nd prize: 10 gold
3rd prize: 5 gold
$100: all contestants

The topic for this week is "Why do I play eRep?". Please submit all entries to me, SColbert. The contest will run till Day 2503.

For Greeling:

Secretary of Media:SColbert

Deputy Secretaries of Media:ErrOrka andMrCarey

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[WHPR Day 2496] Think Big

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